How to Save Your Local Library

In addition to supporting the United States Postal Service, I also am fully in support of our local libraries. You should also support your local library. I know that there’s a lot of talk about e-books vs. books you can handle and whatever. But really, books that you can touch are much better. That’s my bottom line.

Back to libraries, though. You’re probably not aware of the plight of our local libraries. They’ve taken to having to cut down on hours that they can remain open, as well as close on certain days, simply because they don’t have enough funding. And for the kids and adults who can’t afford devices that support e-books (probably a large portion of the American population), where are they going to get their hands on literature? When people think that libraries are out of date and nonfunctional and therefore a waste of tax money, who suffers for it? The people who are trying to learn and get their hands on information that is otherwise unavailable to them.

This is a plea for our local libraries.

And now ensues nonsense.

One of the things that I loved doing was going to a library (this would usually be a university library) and going to the section where few people would look for books, and finding these large tomes, and then blow the dust off them. The dust would fly off in a little cloud, kind of like in the cartoons or movies. It was great.

Okay. That’s probably not helping my case. But can you blow dust off of an e-book? I think not.

Apparently my support of our libraries goes much further into my subconscious than I had previously thought. Last night I had a very involved dream where I was fully in support of our local libraries. I’m not sure which library it was, though, because… I can’t really remember what the library looked like in my dream.

Here comes the part where you can learn to save your local library. In my dream, I was checking out books and then purposely keeping them until they were overdue so that I would have to pay overdue fines so that the library can have more money. According to my dream, I had been doing this for some time. Also, I insisted that I needed to study at the library so that they had to keep it open for me. I’m not entirely sure why they would do that for me, but it worked in my dream.

Anyways. Everyone should go out and check out books and then keep them for a long time so that you can have overdue fees to support your local library!

But seriously. Libraries are important.

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