What I Do

Tonight, I had the girls from a youth group that I help with over. We get together every Friday and we usually have dinner together, and then either read something together, sing something together, or make something together. I have a ton of fun when I’m with them because they’re pretty hilarious to listen to. I mean… I thought I spouted nonsense, but… I guess it makes a difference when you’re only thirteen or fourteen years old.

Anyways, I happen (just so happen) to have a great deal of yarn. I’m talking about large plastic bin full of yarn. And lots of scrappy pieces that I simply don’t know what to do with. So my friend decided that we would do some hand weaving and help me get rid of some of the yarn.

Well, the girls took a little bit of time to pick up hand weaving. Eventually, they got it–but before they did there was a lot of wondering why we were doing hand weaving on our fingers as opposed to our toes. While they were doing a great deal of talking, I was simply listening and hand weaving away. They eventually looked over and realized how much longer mine was than theirs and then exclaimed that I must be a professional hand weaver. Thus, I am a professional hand weaver.

Also, I am a vocabulation scientist. I study vocabulation, apparently.

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