Try Again

Okay, so I know my last confession was rather anti-climactic. Maybe it wasn’t more of a confession in the sense that I’m telling you all a really big secret, but confession in the sense of something like… the Augsburg Confession. (Okay, I know that was ultimate nerd-dom, but what can I say? I studied Reformation history. And that was the first thing that popped into my head.) So anyways, we’re going to try again. I’m going to give you another confession, though this time, of the sensationalist type.

Are you ready for this?

No? How about now.

Maybe now?

Okay, here we go…

I think I’m secretly a teenage boy. Or maybe I have the brain of a teenage boy stuck in my head. The one that my zombie stomach is trying to eat. I actually have a very good explanation for all of this. (Just like the way I have excellent explanations for everything else that goes on in every post of this blog.)

Here’s the proof:

First of all, I mean… I just told you that I have a zombie stomach. That much should be obvious.

Second of all, I like to think in terms of RPG stats.

Third of all, I’ve been mired in a game that takes up more of my life than I would like it to.

Fourth of all, I really want a wooden ballista at my office desk. Like this:

I want this so bad.

(Maybe this is all a plug to try to get someone to buy me some good old-fashioned artillery units. Or buy it for yourself, and then let me play with it. A lot.)

To purchase this product, or read more details about it, you may go here.

Anyways. I have many more reasons as to why I either am a teenage boy or have the brain of said species. I suppose you could browse through this blog. I think each entry speaks for itself.

Say something! Make me laugh!

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