The Truth About Piranhas

When I was writing my personal Choose Your Own Adventure serial novel (I guess it wasn’t long enough to be really considered a novel, but whatever),  I had a mention about piranhas. Specifically, live piranhas that were frozen in blocks of ice that were then defrosted and thrown at a grizzly bear, whereupon the grizzly bear and the piranhas had an epic fight, but the piranhas lost and were thereupon eaten by the grizzly bear. In case you were wondering, that was complete fiction. I know, sometimes it’s hard to tell, but I assure you, I made that all up.

Anyways, I read this morning that recently, there was a piranha attack in Brazil. Seeing as how I have just recently written about piranhas, I believed that this was far from incidental. So I looked into it. One hundred beach goers were nibbled on by piranhas and there ensued a great hullabaloo and then they all went to the hospital. I summarized it for you, but if you would like to read it yourself, you may go here.

According to this article, we have a lot of misconceptions about piranhas.  I would recommend watching the video. It’s interesting. Apparently, piranhas are actually very timid creatures. But since they have no predators, there is an overpopulation problem. I’m not really sure what the predator of piranhas would be. But apparently, tilapia may be a predator since they introduced 100,000 of them into the local food chain. But also, according to the video, humans are also a great predator of piranhas.

Therefore, I have a solution. Mainly, it comes from this article. There are always hungry people. They should feed people piranhas! Although not so much that they completely decimate the piranha population, but enough so that they’re kept under check. But, like the situation in Illinois, people may object to eating piranhas. I’m not sure why, but I’m sure people would object to eating it. People object to eating all sorts of things.

And along those lines, I don’t know why hungry people can afford to be picky about what they’re given to eat. If you’re hungry, you should just eat it. If people can afford to be picky about food, then they’re not hungry enough?

Also, maybe people should just stop trying to compete with piranhas for water space. There wouldn’t be any problems then.


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