In which there is a compilation of random…

I’m having a hard time coming up with one coherent post. And I realized that I’ve lost touch with my original short random spurts of posts with which I began this blog. So maybe it’s time for less story telling, and more randomness.

Here is a short list (with details) of interesting things I’ve thought about and wanted to post about, but didn’t have enough to say for an entire post:

  • Someone gave my brother 100 lbs of potatoes. Why? I know Andy really likes potatoes, but… really? Last time I was at his place, he had three large boxes full of potatoes. I wonder what he’s going to do with them. He said that he was going to mash them, but I didn’t bring the potato masher, so… maybe he had a lot of baked potato? All at once?
  • Yesterday I was at the library, and I saw books on how to write letters. It’s true. These books really do exist. I was in awe and amazement. And then I wanted to check it out so that I could copy the letters in the book to write to people. And people would get random letters of sympathy, or business-y letters, or encouragement or congratulations. Much like occasion (in-)appropriate notes, I guess. At least it would save the USPS a little bit.
  • I like to feed the koi fish from random places in the pond. They’re so used to being fed from one place that I like to confuse them a little. They wander around the pond knowing that there’s food being thrown into it until they actually find the food. It’s kind of my little amusement.
  • I broke the “O” key on my keyboard. Well, not really. I was cleaning my keyboard, and somehow it popped out all funny. And for the life of me, I couldn’t put it back in. So I found an engineer to do it. I have high expectations of engineers. I think that engineers can fix everything and anything.
  • I finally found alfalfa sprouts at the supermarket! For the past year, every time I went to the super market, I looked for alfalfa sprouts. And for some reason, they have always eluded me. And then I give up and think that perhaps it’s not the season for alfalfa sprouts. (Except this one time when I was at Smart&Final, I found them, but only because I was looking in the packaged vegetable section for other stuff. Maybe I can never find alfalfa sprouts when I’m actually looking for them, and can only find them while looking for other things.) Anyways, yesterday at the super market, I decided to ask the nice grocery clerk man to direct me, so I guess I didn’t really find them on my own and kind of cheated a little bit, but that’s okay, right? At least I got me some alfalfa sprouts!



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