My Puppy (Part 2)

Dear readers,

My sincerest apologies for not posting the past two post days (being this past Monday and last Friday). I was traveling on Friday, and on Monday there were some things going on, and one thing led to another, and then I really wasn’t in the mood for some lighthearted writing. So… that was it. Anyways, I really should get some backup posts so that I wouldn’t have lapses like that again (probably not going to happen). Okay, back to my kitten story!

So where we last time I wrote? Oh yes, giving Puppy a bath. (I named the kitten Puppy at the suggestion of my friend because she followed me around like a little puppy and wanted lots of attention like a little puppy. She was so adorable!)

I also forgot to mention that I called the person of whose house I am currently living in to consult with her about the situation regarding the stray kitten. She asked me if I wanted to keep the kitten. I told her that I kind of did, but I’d never owned a cat before so I have no idea what to do with a cat. She told me I could keep the cat if I just kept it in my room, but I’d feel sorry keeping an animal in one room every day for so long. That and I’ve heard/read horror stories of cats tearing up everything in reach because they like to scratch stuff. And I didn’t want other peoples’ furniture to be ruined. So I didn’t think it was a good idea to keep the cat. But I really wanted to.

Okay, so back to cat bath. I never knew cats were the recipients of baths. Cartoons always show cats hating water. I thought they cleaned themselves pretty well with their tongues. So I looked it up online. And my friend told me that giving a cat a bath is much like giving a dog a bath. But I didn’t think it was very much the same at all. I’ve given dogs baths before. I read online that you have to be careful about the cat’s claws and you have to prepare the water and be calming and all that stuff.

So I got out two plastic bucket/bin/thingies, filled them with warm water, got out a little hand/face towel and donned some rubber gloves. You know, the kind that go up past your elbows. The heavy duty kind. I took one bucket outside and lured the cat over. I picked her up, and gently put her in the water. And she kept trying to get out of my hold. I was holding her by the nape of the neck and trying to calm her down. I can’t remember if she escaped, and I got her again, but anyways, I eventually managed to calm her down and have her sit in the bucket of warm water. I used the towel to bring the water all over her and to soap her up too. I think she kind of liked that.

Then after she was clean (I think), I brought her inside and dunked her in the second bucket of warm water to clean off all the suds. Turns out she was pretty dirty, though she didn’t look like it. The first bucket was kind of brown from dirt and stuff. I cleaned her off the best I could, and then tried to towel her off. I think by the time I was done with the water, she was pretty much done with me. I tried to towel her off, but she just ran off and hid under the table. She was licking herself dry, but she was pretty soaked and it was obvious it would take her a while. She looked quite indignant that I would so something like give her a bath. And she stopped being so trusting for a little. So then I chased her around for a while, and finally got ahold of her. The poor thing was shivering. I bet Puppy was so cold. So then I held her close and toweled her off the best I could.

I found a good sturdy box (not hard to find as I had just moved), taped up the flaps so they made the sides higher, stuck a towel in there and plopped her inside. Puppy was so cute. She would mew piteously when she couldn’t see me, and so as long as I had her somewhere where she could see me, she would quiet down. She was still a little bit damp, so she dried herself off, and slowly drifted off into sleep. The poor thing probably hadn’t had a warm place to sleep in in a long, long time.

See? So cute!

When I was ready to go to bed, I stuck her in the bathroom, because I didn’t want her to jump out of the box and then wander around the house while I was sleeping. I knew she still had some fleas on her, so I also didn’t want a flea problem in the house. She resisted being in the bathroom by meowing a lot, but then she eventually quieted down, and I think went to sleep.

Then early the next morning, she managed to get herself out of the box (which woke me up), and this is what I got to see first thing in the morning:

Teehee. She really wanted to get out.

I’m not sure what she was trying to accomplish by sticking her legs out from under the door, but I took pity on her and got up and fed her and gave her some water.

Want the rest of the story? Come back Friday!

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