My Puppy (Part 1)

Apologies on not posting on Monday. Monday was a very busy day (I had a very long meeting for most of the day), and when I got home at night, I was kept busy by the topic which is to follow this brief explanatory paragraph. I hope that makes sense. So that is the reason I didn’t post on Monday. Which is tragic, because it broke my very regular blogging streak that I’ve had for about a month. Oh well. At least it was just one day and not, say, a week. Or two.

Anyways. I’ve been really wanting a pet. A lot. Terribly lots. So much that I just spend time during the day looking at websites of animal adoption agencies. Which… I realized I need to stop doing, because it just exacerbates the desire of wanting a pet. What I really wanted was a puppy. I feel like… I have written about this already. Oh right, I have. For a while, I didn’t think about it, and then suddenly for various reasons, I really wanted a puppy again.

On Monday, after I went home, I went through my regular routine of going feeding the koi fish in the backyard. While I was out there, I heard some mewing sounds. It was kind of faint, but it sounded like it was coming from the back wall. So I climbed atop some rocks, just in time to see a kitten meowing on the wall and some people on the other side with a long branch. I thought they were trying to fetch the kitten, but turns out the cat had been out there for about an hour, and they thought the cat was mine and were trying to get it back into my yard.

I do not own a kitten, nor have I ever owned one, but I have vague memories of my mom bringing in a stray cat once for about a day (maybe). I have no idea what happened to the cat, but we have pictures of it somewhere.

So I found myself with a stray kitten in the backyard. I don’t actually know much about cats, but I was a little concerned it would go fishing. I didn’t get a good look at it, or I would have realized that most of the fish are bigger than the kitten. Anyways, the poor thing was still crying and so I got it to come out of the bushes. After a few attempts of letting it smell my hands and moving closer and closer to it, the kitten let me pet it, and then it began to follow me.

I thought it might belong to the neighbor who shared that same wall, so I had it follow me all the way to the neighbor’s house. Apparently, it was a very trusting kitten, because after a few pets, it just began to follow me like a puppy. I didn’t know about picking it up, because I have this random innate fear that all cats have fierce claws and are scratch happy. And I didn’t want to be scratched. So instead I had it follow me. And it did.

So we went around the backyard, out the gate, down the street, to my neighbor’s front yard. And yes, it did follow me all the way without much trouble at all. The lady said that the cat wasn’t hers, that it was probably a stray because it had been crying on her back wall a couple nights ago. She said she would have taken it in but she already had three cats. Instead, she offered me some cat food and a litter box, and some helpful advice on how to hold a cat. I think it was very obvious that I had never picked up a cat before.

The poor kitten was starving. I know you’re not supposed to feed stray cats, but I did anyways. I couldn’t help it. It was so hungry. And it was just a wee little thing. And it made such cute gobbling sounds when it was eating. I don’t know how to describe it. Like she was singing or something. (And yes, I decided that the kitten was a she, even though I’m still not sure at all.)

I told the lady that I would let her know if I wanted the litter box, but for the moment I just took the cat food. I carried the cat back home, set it in the backyard, and gave it some more food and some water. The poor thing was really, really hungry.

By this time, I was hungry too, so I decided to go inside and start cooking dinner. Every time I went inside though, the kitten would start crying again. And then it would put its paws up at the screen door, looking to see what I was doing inside. It would only stop crying if I went outside and petted it. It really liked to be petted.

After going in and out to make the cat stop crying and cooking dinner at the same time (it took me forever to cook dinner), and at the suggestion of a friend, I decided to give the cat a bath.

It was an interesting experience. Ever considered giving a cat a bath? I think I’ll stop here and continue next week. Meanwhile, you can think about cat baths.

Oh yes, here are a couple pictures of the kitten, so you know I’m not making all of this up.

So cute... :)


Kitten wanted to know what I was doing inside. All the time.

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