Save USPS!

In case you haven’t heard, the United States Post Office is in trouble. If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts, I am a fan of USPS. So is my friend. It is not the first time we are campaigning to save USPS. But this time, things are quite a bit more serious. Apparently, we are looking at the impending death of our dear postal system. Even now, the postal system is looking towards the White House and Congress to help out with its financial problems.

Therefore, I insist (yes, insist) that you all go out and mail something right now. I was thinking about buying more stamps, but I already have a ridiculous amount of postage, and can’t think of any reason to buy more. That is, unless I were to write an inordinate amount of letters. Suddenly. All at once. Which actually, is quite possible.

My friend and I were discussing this matter, and here’s what we came up with:

Sheri: I want to buy stamps.
       I don't really need to.
moosterkey: Haha.
       I don't need to right now.
Sheri: I want to save the post office!
moosterkey: Nod.
       I sent out all my postcards for postcrossing through.
       I can't send more until I get some back.
Sheri: I did too.
       I think I owe you a letter.
moosterkey: Yes.
       I believe so.
Sheri: And someone else too.
moosterkey: Perhaps.
Sheri: But I still have more than enough stamps even after that.
moosterkey: I think I am caught up on correspondence.
       It's everyone else's turn now.
       I got a lot of stamps last time.
       I guess I could try sending more letters to people.
Sheri: You could letter bombard people.
moosterkey: Letter bombardment!
Sheri: Write a sentence per letter.
moosterkey: Hahaha.
Sheri: And send out a succession of them.
moosterkey: could.
       That would be a pretty expensive letter.
Sheri: You could save the post office.
       If you were dedicated enough.
moosterkey: Maybe I could save the post office all by myself.
Sheri: Well, I would help too.
moosterkey: Do you think I'd destroy the environment though?
Sheri: Not if you insist that everyone recycle your letter.
moosterkey: Oh.
Sheri: And also you use recycled paper.
moosterkey: I just thought of a very good postcard idea.
Sheri: Or you could send them notes written on leaves.
moosterkey: I've made postcards out of old cereal boxes and stuff before.
Sheri: And tree bark.
moosterkey: I coudl do that.
Sheri: Or stuff like that.
moosterkey: Hahah
Sheri: That had already fallen off.
       Not peel it from the tree.
moosterkey: Nod.
       But those could still only be domestic, I think.
       Can't do international mail with that.
       Which is ok, I guess.

I guess if you were to send one word per stamp usage, that would be okay too. We could save the post office even quicker that way. I really wouldn’t mind getting more real mail in the mail. After all, everyone likes getting snail mail. Who doesn’t like getting a handwritten letter? It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, like someone really cared enough about you to actually take the time, sit down, and compose a handwritten letter. Not only are you saving the post office, but you are making someone feel really loved. And why would you be against that? Unless you are an evil and dark person. I guess you wouldn’t have to write letters if you were truly evil. But I don’t think you are.


Go write a letter now!

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