Kissy Fish

Sometimes, people like to visit Japanese gardens because–well, they are pretty and calm and quiet, and all that nice stuff. But besides that, well, especially if you have children, and they don’t have the heightened appreciation for places that are pretty and calm and quiet, they go for the koi fish. In most gardens, they’ll let you buy food to feed their fish. Isn’t that smart? Not only do they get money that way, but the owners don’t actually need to feed the fish themselves. Mostly likely they are overfed anyways.

Now, why am I talking about Japanese gardens and koi fish? I guess, mainly because I get to feed a bunch of them every day. It’s actually pretty amusing to watch them eat. I’ve decided that koi fish are very rude when it comes to feeding time (as graceful and as pretty as they appear), because they’ll often swim over one another (which, if they had legs would cause some to be trampled underfoot) in order to best get at the food. They have no manners at all.

And if swarming over one another weren’t enough, koi fish don’t know the meaning of chewing with your mouth closed. In fact, they make all sorts of rude noises while they’re eating. That’s why I call them kissy fish. They really like to smack their lips when they eat.

It’s interesting, because as I’m feeding the fish, I get to watch the different fish with their various antics. I’ve decided that the different fish have different personalities. There are, for example, the bullies, the shy ones, the sneaky ones, among others.

Because the water of the pond is pretty green (due to algae, I believe), you can’t get a very clear look at all the fish at the same time. You can only really see them if they’re within a foot of the surface. The larger ones (who tend to bully the other fish by snatching food and swimming over the others) tend to remain closer to the surface during feeding times, while the smaller ones (who are usually the sneaky or timid ones) will wait until the larger fish aren’t in that general area and then dart up and get some food and then disappear quickly. Sometimes they miss and have to wait again for an opportune time.

Anyways, I’m thinking about naming the fish. Which… doesn’t make that much sense because they’re not mine. But whatever. Maybe next time I’ll post some pictures of them.


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