CYOA (Part 4)

I know you all have been in utter suspense over the duration of the last weekend, wondering with great concern over the fate of our main character. Since the portal opened up, our main character was faced with the new decision over whether or not to go through the portal. And by a record vote, our main character has decided to not enter the portal. Unless it leads to Fake England. But just as a clue, the portal actually, alas, does not lead to Fake England. And therefore, you all, my gracious readers, have elected to stay where you are.

You stare at fascination into the portal. Just faintly, you can see shadows of what is on the other side. Is that a fake skyscraper? A fake airplane? Some fake merchandise, perhaps? Wait, no. No, it’s definitely not. As you peer more intensely at the portal, edging closer and closer, trying to get a better look, it closes as fast as it had opened up.

Blinking your eyes in a bit of disbelief, you wonder if you are dreaming. Suddenly, the earth begins to shake. Nope, definitely not a dream. It began as a gentle rocking, but then you begin to hear trees crashing in the forest. The stream turns into a gushing river, as you clamber onto higher ground wondering what to do. You were never taught earthquake safety for being in a forest.

Frantically, you look around for an open clearing, but all around you are tall trees. Inwardly you groan, and then you hide yourself in a crevice between two boulders. In horror and yet in fascination, you watch as the water rises, and then you hear a rushing wind all around you. It feels like… you’re flying? You realize that a chunk of the earth had been loosened by the earthquake and it was ripped from the earth and now is being propelled into the air.

Holding desperately to the tree roots around you, you’re being thrown about in the air and somehow manage to be flung into outer space. While you’re traveling through the atmosphere, you see your breath crystallizing as it leaves your body. Shaking from the cold, you curl up into a ball. With your last few breaths, you ponder the beauty of the earth. As you finally reach outer space, you’ve lost consciousness, which is good, because your body has exploded because of the lack of pressure.

You’ve died.


Congratulations, you’ve chosen the wrong ending! But I really wanted to write a spectacular death anyways, and I think you’ll have to admit that being flung into outer space by an earthquake and a tornado simultaneously so that you can freeze, run out of breath, and the explode from the lack of pressure (all at the same time) is a pretty spectacular way to die. I’m suddenly reminded of button mashing.

And with that, I’ve ended our CYOA series! Huzzah! Now I can write about other things. I hope you’ve enjoyed my very fantastical (in its real definition, not as in fantastic) and anti-climactic story. Thanks for reading!


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