CYOA (Part 3)

And now we are back to our CYOA series. When we left our main character, s/he was by the stream, trying to decide where to spend the night. By an landslide vote, of 100% vs. 0%, the main character is to check his/her inventory while staying by the stream.

Sitting by the stream, you reflect on the events of the past few hours. You woke up in the middle of nowhere, possibly almost died by eating possibly poisonous berries and mushrooms that are still in your pocket, tried to go spear fishing, but almost died of frostbite, and found some piranhas that seem to be defrosting quite well next to the fire.

You decide to make a rack where you can put the piranhas on over the fire so they would melt better. You’ve never had piranha before, so this will be an interesting experience. Finally, all the ice is melted off and you realize that the fish were frozen alive. That means they’re still alive. They’re flopping on your rack and seem to be flopping towards you.

Fear floods your being.

At the same time, you hear some growling coming from behind you in the dark. There’s some snuffling sound, and as you’re trying to keep your eyes on the piranhas while looking behind you, you realize there’s a bear coming out of the darkness. And it’s coming straight for you. It looks like a grizzly bear. You know that the grizzly bear is a threatened species, and therefore, it won’t do to kill it. You briefly contemplate the option of punching it in the face. While you probably couldn’t kill it in one punch, you might be able to discourage it from coming back. Maybe.

The bear comes closer.

Suddenly, a great idea hits you. You eye the flopping piranhas on the fire, and decide that you could probably spare one or two of them from your dinner. You use your spear and launch a couple piranhas at the bear. As the piranhas soar through the air, you can hear the snapping of their jaws and then attack themselves to the grizzly bear in what seems to be the death grip of their maws. (Plural or singular? I can’t figure out which it ought to be.)

Fascinated, you watch as the piranhas and the grizzly bear duke it out. It’s obvious to you that the grizzly bear has the advantage, but the piranhas won’t seem to loosen their jaws. Eventually, the bear manages to swipe them from its fur and as it bites into the piranhas, the bear saunters away, having been thoroughly distracted by dinner.

You breathe a sigh of relief and cook the remainder of the fish.

As you lay there trying to make yourself comfortable, the wind suddenly picks up, and a great gushing sound is heard. You look up in surprise. Right in front of you, a portal has opened up.

What do you do? Do you remain where you are or step into the portal?



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