I’m So Done!

For those of you who are here looking for the next episode of CYOA, my deepest apologies. You’re probably not aware, but I’ve been caught up with moving. In case you didn’t know, the note of encouragement was written to myself because packing and moving had put me in the depths of despair, also known as the overwhelm.

While the overwhelm wasn’t as bad this time, and not anywhere close to other people’s MLC’s that they attempt to go through, packing and moving has–undeniably–taken up most of my waking hours. Besides working. Because I work, and then I pack/move. And then all I want to do is sleep. And then nightmare begins as I wake up.

That is why I am here, blogging at 22:00 (ish) as opposed to already having a post up by noonish, which, if you haven’t noticed (you probably haven’t), is what I’ve been more or less trying to do.

Packing has been hard because I have so much stuff. And I’m not joking when I say so much. It really is a lot. More than necessary for one single human being. I mean, just how many styrofoam cups do I really need?!? And why, so many rolls of paper towels? And why do I need a gigantic plastic bin full of towels? And six pillows? And sheets for beds I don’t have? And more than necessary pots and pans? And… the list can go on for a while.

Yes, you might have gotten the idea. I have a lot of stuff.

That being said, I’M SO DONE!!!!! It’s not my standard policy to put words in caps, bold, and italics, but in this case, it was necessary to show you the amount of emotion I feel about being done. I was pretty ecstatic. It was comparable to the time I turned in my thesis as the last thing I needed to do for my undergraduate career. Not quite as much joy and excitement, but the relief is about the same. I’m so glad it’s over. I’m tired. I’m so over moving. I’m done.

Well. It’s almost over. Now I just have to organize all the stuff at the new place and store in nicely and prettily, but that is not as discouraging as trying to move out of a place.

I really meant to keep this post short (because I’m tired and I’m done), but I felt something of an explanation was due. Well. Maybe it wasn’t. Oh well.

Did I mention that I’m D-O-N-E?

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