How to Write Occasion-Appropriate Notes

We’re going to have to take a short break from our CYOA series for an important How to Guide. Judging by the overwhelming response (sarcasm), I know you’re all waiting with bated breath in consternation for the main character who is sitting next to frozen live piranhas. Don’t worry. We’ll continue with your (somewhat) regular programming on Wednesday.

While rummaging through some old belongings that I’m trying to get rid of, I came across a gift that someone had given me in 2004. It was a greeting card holder (?) that also gave very helpful suggestions on how to write occasion-appropriate notes. Some of the suggestions are really quite interesting. I’ve decided in this post to follow the instructions, and write some notes for hypothetical situations.

The categories that were given were: congratulations, encouragement, new baby, thinking of you, friendship, apology, sympathy, get well, wedding & anniversary, birthday, and thank you.

A hypothetical situation that would warrant a greeting card was if someone just so happened to be in the midst of moving and packing and was thoroughly discouraged and needed some encouragement. You could follow the directions on the Encouragement page which tell you to first, open the note with an acknowledgement, include an appropriate compliment, and then close with a word of encouragement. It might go a little bit like this (and I am quoting the book, but replacing the appropriate words):

Dear Sheri,

You’ve got some tough stuff to do right now! You’ve been working hard–and it’s noticed. I realize things aren’t easy for you right now, but you’re doing a great job. I can’t help but admire you for what you’re doing. Your strength and perseverance inspire me. Keep up the good work–and know that many prayers are with you. I’m with you all the way, and I wanted to tell you so.

If in the situation that you know someone who has a very cherished and dear plant that has recently passed and such a person is in mourning, you could write them a sympathy card. Though the Sympathy page doesn’t give any specific directions, it does give you possible things that you could just copy and paste. It might go a little like this :

Dear Sheri,

Your plant was a very special plant and will be missed by everyone who knew it. Your plant’s stories of its life while growing up on the farm still make me smile. It will be missed. The years were too few, but the love was great. I know how much you’ll miss your beloved plant–I hope you know how much I care. Your plant had a happy life because of your love and care.

See? Wasn’t that touching and sweet? These notes would probably need to be read in the most dramatic of tones to get the full effect. Also, these are so generic that they could fit for almost any occasion! That way, if you ever get a note from me that sounds like those, you know how I came up with it! Greetings are made so much simpler this way!

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