CYOA (Part 2)

As predicted, I only got one response from my friend who is horribly interested in the fate of the main character. If I didn’t know better, I would think she was trying to kill him/her. Or would that be you? And since I am uncertain of your gender (good thing you can’t know the gender by the pronoun you otherwise I’d have to do something like you/a/e/o/whatever vowel the male or female version would end in), I don’t think it matters. Also, if you have no  idea what I am talking about, please begin here.

Now… where did we end off? Oh yes. Go north. Or rather, head towards the stream.

Reluctantly, you disregard the mushrooms and berries while ignoring the hunger noises your belly is making. As you’re walking away, you think of the amount of time it would take you to actually catch anything in the water. You turn around and grab some berries and mushrooms and stick them in your pocket. You consider the option of dying by starvation or dying by poison. Neither seems rather appealing, so you continue towards the stream.

Once there, you pick up a stick and sharpen it. Having a few years of experience of spearfishing as well as bowfishing under the tutelage of some Native Americans, you’re confident that as long as the stream has fish, you won’t go hungry. Before you begin though, you gather some dry tinder and kindling and begin a fire. After the fire is well under way, you roll up your pants and walk into the water.

The water is unexpectedly freezing. As you’re standing there, you see large chunks of ice floating downstream. In some of the ice are frozen fish. You wonder if you should trying fishing or just grabbing a hunk of ice with fish frozen in it. Meanwhile, the water is so cold that your toes are becoming numb.

You decide to grab the hunk of ice. It’s a little bit far, though, so you use your spear to bring it closer to you. As it gets closer to you, you realize that the fish inside the ice are piranhas. It was probably a wise decision to get out of the water. Hurriedly, you grab the ice and get out of the water.

Laying the ice down next to the fire, you begin to dry yourself off. Looking at the sky, you realize that it’s quickly getting dark. It would probably be wise to find some bedding in the forest. But it feels safer to be out in the open area by the stream.

What do you do? Do you relocate into the forest or do you stay by the stream?

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