Choose Your Own Adventure! (Part 1)

When you were young, did you ever read the Choose Your Own Adventure stories (CYOA) ? I think for maybe the better part of a year (or more), that was about the only kind of book Andy would read. Don’t quote me on that, I just remember him always having a CYOA book all the time wherever we went. (Sidenote: My brothers and I were voracious bookworms. Wherever we went we carried books with us to read.) And so I was talking about CYOA books with someone, and I’ve decided to write my own. (Lucky you.) I was thinking about doing both the writing and the choosing, but maybe I’ll let you (the reader) choose. Vote for the choice in the comments section! If you don’t, my friend will probably end up choosing all the endings that she wants.

Ready? Here we go!

One day, you wake up in a forest. You don’t have much of a memory of how you got there or why you’re there. You look at your watch. The time is 17:00. As you are wondering how things turned out this way, you realize that it’s getting late, and you’re in the middle of nowhere, and you should probably find your way home. Somehow.

Because you’re organized and a boy scout, you decide to inventory all the items that you have to see how you can survive. You’re wearing your utility belt, so that’s a good sign. You have a flashlight, a pocketknife, a piece of flint, a good length of rope, and a compass. Inside you’re mind, you’re thinking, “Why do I have all my outdoor gear with me? And where did I get this utility belt from?” You decide it’s no time for questions like this, because all that you’re wearing is a thin jacket over your t-shirt and khakis, and you’re beginning to feel the cold as a wind is picking up.

As you contemplate whether or not to start hiking around or build a fire, you feel your stomach grumbling. It seems that hunger is right around the corner. Digging into your pockets, you find a box of raisins and begin munching on them. Taking notice of your surroundings, you hear the sound of flowing water. Perhaps there are some fish that you can catch. As you head over towards the water, you come across some mushrooms and berries.

What do you do? Do you pick the mushrooms and berries or do you ignore them and head towards the stream?

(I guess there aren’t pages that you can flip to, which means that you can’t read all the different endings ahead of time! Mwahahaha.)

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