I have a new recent obsession. I know you’re all dying with suspense, so I won’t prolong your suffering. My new craft obsession is recovering notebooks. This is a little different from my friend who is making notebooks completely from nothing. I’m convinced she goes out and harvests her own plants so that she can make paper out of them and then dyes them and all that good stuff. Amazing, right? She’ll probably deny it. But you heard it from me, so it’s obviously true. So obvious.

Anywho, I’ve been really into transforming notebooks from not so appealing to super cute! At least, super cute in my eyes. So how does the transforming process work? You want to make one too? Excellent.

First, you start of with a notebook like this:

This is what it looked like before. I guess it was okay. But not that pretty.

This is what it looked like afterwards:

Yay! Just looking at it makes me happy.

What a contrast, right? So how did I do it? First, I had to take off the covers. Actually, if you get a notebook that’s the right kind of spiral bound, you can pop the covers right out. If you get the kind that’s really a spiral, then you’re out of luck. My best wishes to you as you try to pull that wire in and out of all the pages. This is the kind I would recommend:

See how there's a space in the wires? If you can't pull it out that well, use pliers, which is what I did too.

And that leaves you with a ring of notebook paper! Which is equally interesting to play with. But that’s not the point here. So, first you pick a nice paper that you like, and then cut it to the right size, and then commence wrapping! I’m not sure you need a picture of what it looks like to wrap a rectangle. I’m sure it’s pretty self-explanatory.

On the other hand, and I realized this a little bit later, you have all these holes that you need to punch out so that you can put the cover back on. What do you do?!?! Well, I took an exacto knife, held my cover up to the light, and poked out the holes one by one. This is probably the most time consuming part of the process.

The more holes your spiral bound notebook has, the more holes you have to poke. Just keep that in mind.

And remember, you actually have to poke holes twice, inside and outside. That’s probably why it takes so much time.

After that, cut out more paper that you can paste on the inside of the cover. I guess it depends on your taste, but I would go with something a little less interesting than the outside. But I’m plain. So whatever.

Now, for decorating the front cover. Here’s what I did:

I had wanted to use the bubbly part of the letter (instead of the inside) but it didn't fit. Boo.

Recently, I got letters that I could use on my die cutter. Huzzah! That was exciting. So I wanted to use them right away. So my friend Grace, for whom this is a thank you present, got to be the first one for me to use the letters on.

Then I pasted that onto the front. I wanted to have a way to close the notebook, so I decided to go with a ribbon that would go over it and you could tie to secure it.

Although in retrospect, the ribbon might get caught in other stuff. Too late now...

And of course, the last touch is the official stamp of homemade-ness!

So official! So homemade!

And now you have been bombarded with pictures. Oh yes, one last thing. After you put the covers on, you have to make sure they won’t fall off again. I used my pliers to squeeze the wires closer together, but you can do whatever you want, I suppose.

Happy crafting!


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