Eat Bugs

The other day, I had a sudden urge to plant herbs. I wanted a little herb garden. Actually, I just like plants a lot, but because I live in an apartment, I have nothing. Nothing. I like to pretend that I have a green thumb, but I’m not so sure yet, as I haven’t actually had the opportunity to plant things on my own in a nice little tidy plot of garden, which is currently part of my dream future. A nice little garden. But then reality smacks me in the head and tells me that it is at the moment impossible, because I live in an apartment. ::depressed sigh::

Although, I have wanted to make this:

I wish to make, except I have not the time. Meh.

But if you wanted to make it, you could find the directions here.

Anyways. I make routine trips to Home Depot once every few weeks–basically every time the urge to plant something hits me. And I may or may not buy things. Sometimes I just look wistfully at all the plants I would like to have. Other times I make impulse buys… like cacti. I never imagined that I would be the happy owner of cacti. But I am.

And… back to herbs. I wanted an herb garden. I want to plant basil and green onions and thyme and oregano and etc. I wanted to get a pot and plant them all together from seed. So I went to Home Depot.

While wandering around Home Depot looking for the seed selection, I meandered into the home plants section. And what did mine eyes behold? Carnivorous plants! Carnivorous plants, you ask? Yes! Carnivorous plants! Such as Venus fly traps and octopus plants! Now, just so you know because you might not, I’ve been wanting to have a Venus fly trap for years and years and years–ever since my college days at least and possibly even before that. Honest. I looked into buying them online, but then there was the shipping, and I wasn’t sure about it, etc., and I never ended up purchasing any. But here they were before my very own eyes–a much coveted and long-desired Venus fly trap.

As I gazed longingly upon them, I told myself that it really wasn’t necessary for me to have one. After all, I was there for herbs. And herbs are practical because you grow them, and then you eat them. Or at least you use them in your cooking. I don’t know many people that just pick up herbs off the ground and eat them then and there. But maybe you would do that if you were scavenging for food. And what would you do with a Venus fly trap? It just sits there. I guess it eats your bugs for you. But still. You can’t do much with it besides that.

Right about then, one of the Home Depot people came by and asked me if I needed help, so I asked him to show me where the seeds were. As we were walking there, he told me that the seed selection wasn’t very big because the season for planting herbs was almost over. I nodded understandingly, pretending like I knew all about planting herbs (I know nothing), and then stood there and stared at the seeds for a while.

All the while, through my head pulsated the oh-so-very important question of the moment: “Herbs or Venus fly trap? Herbs or Venus fly trap?”

I think before my mind had found the answer to the question my body was already gravitating towards the Venus fly traps. I guess that was my answer.

So then I became the happy owner of a Venus fly trap plant!

Happy plant! Happy owner!

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