Investigating Investigative Investigations (Part 3)

I am really amazed at how far I have drawn this one episode out. Three posts! That’s amazing! I was equating (not equivocating)  it to perhaps the fighting episodes of Dragonball Z. In the fighting episodes, the Saiyans have to charge up before they can release their fire/energy balls (or whatever they are). They yell things at one another all the while charging before they can begin fighting. Somehow or another, by the end of the episode, they’re still charging up. Anyhoo, this event somehow has turned into something akin to a Dragonball Z episode.

So where were we? I believe at the end of the last episode, the lady had finally returned my phone call.

My phone rang. I picked it up. The lady said that she was returning a missed call. I was a little disappointed that as a PI she didn’t know beforehand who was calling, but I guess that PIs aren’t omniscient. Only God is.

Anyways. She didn’t know who I was or what I was calling about, because it sounds like she handles stuff for several places, but after I told her what apartment complex I lived and etc., she figured it out pretty quick. She told me that my neighbor was applying to be in the Secret Service, and had some questions for me about him.

She told me that it was the neighbor in apartment 422 that she wanted to ask about. What went through my head was kind of along these lines: 422? What apartment is that? What apartment am I in? Sammie/y doesn’t live in 422? I think they’re on the other side of me. Okay. There was a person living in 422??? Why don’t I remember this…

As I racked my poor memory, I realized that I think a few months ago, I had met the guy who was moving into 422 in the elevator. So I could confirm her answer, yes, I think I met the guy who lived in 422. She then wanted to know about him and if there were any shady goings-ons with him.

Now you have to realize, it never really registered with me that there was a person who had moved in next door on that side. I mean, I could barely remember that I met the guy that lived on the other side. After she brought it up, I vaguely remembered that there were a few nights a few months ago when the TV was especially loud, and I thought it was coming from 422, but I wasn’t sure there was a person living there. So I thought it was my other neighbors that were being especially obnoxious. The laugh track of the TV episodes this person was watching kept me up. Maybe there’s something between people laughing and that keeping me up at night.

That was all I could remember. No wild parties, no illegal substance issues going on, no strange people coming in and out–just the TV blasting late at night. Completely unhelpful and boring, I know.

Anyways. I hope my neighbor, whom I do not know at all, gets the Secret Service job. I kind of know via other people how hard it is to get security clearance.

Anti-climactic? I guess a little bit. Oh well.

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