Aperture, Lacuna, Caesura

Dear all,

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for each of my new posts. I’m sorry to inform you all that I’ve been absolutely swamped with the overwhelm, so much so that I’m pretty convinced that I’m going to die from it. Therefore, I am declaring that I shall take a hiatus.

Apologies to all my faithful followers. But I shall be back in August! I’m going to collect as many ideas as I can so that I’ll have a whole reservoir of ideas! Look for me in August! I might even have more episodes of Sheri–Adventuress Extraordinaire! for you.

Also, anyone want to write a guest post?


One thought on “Aperture, Lacuna, Caesura

  1. me me me! just kidding. i don’t think i can be considered as a faithful follower.
    i like how you go on hiatus when i finally can actually see your blog.

    oh. nice mustache. i’m almost jealous. ;)

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