I heart children

I really like children. My recent thought (as of five minutes ago) is that maybe instead of getting a dog I should be a foster parent. I used to think that there were enough children in this world that don’t have homes and good parents, so maybe I want to adopt some children to take care of. But my friend pointed out that children are way more work than a dog, and I’d actually have to feed them real food. As opposed to tossing a dog a loaf of bread. I guess she’s right. If I can’t handle having a dog with my schedule right now, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle having children. All by myself. But this post isn’t about me adopting children.

So the accountant here at work brings in her two kids to the office, because they’re pretty young and she can’t leave them at home when she’s here. She’s here once a week, so her kids get to come once a week. And while they’re here, they usually just wander around the office, looking for someone to play with them. And I like to play with kids. So we play with each other and it all works out!

Now, if you think an office is the boringest place in the world for children under eight, you’re wrong. At least, it’s definitely not boring while I’m around! And I’m discovering something that I had forgotten but knew as a young child who often had to spend lots of time in an office with my parents–that is, there is a lot of fun things you can do in an office!

Like what, you ask? Well, for lack of things to do, you can always play with moustaches that are randomly lying around… I’m sure you have some in your office, don’t you?



Once you get bored with moustaches, you can move on to doing things with paper. Offices always have lots of paper. Offices always have overabundance of scrap paper in particular because people (like me) are constantly printing out revisions after revisions. To save the earth once piece of paper at a time, I keep all my scraps in a box, and they’re especially useful for moments when you want to make origami animals that you can decorate to your hearts’ content:


Or, you can have an endless supply of paper boats!


Things are always more interesting, though, if you carry stuffed animals that are disguised as phone charms or key chains that children can always play with. Maybe you should start carrying some around for yourself. Trust me, they play a key role in winning the affections of young children. Below you see Mt. Fuji and Mr. Teddy.


And if all else fails, you can always make lots of paper stars and weave a paper basket for them. It’s much easier than underwater basket weaving (which you can take as a real course in some schools if you are truly interested). Supplies are easy to find in an office–scrap paper, scissors, Scotch tape, and paper cutter (optional). Doesn’t take much time, and children are usually intrigued while watching you perform miracles with paper.

The best part? If your kids are good, it’s often a rewarding experience, and I always get a little surprise when I come in the next day. :)



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