Because I said I would.

You probably don’t recall. But I stated in a previous post that I would write about Toby. I figured I would keep my word. Because that’s a good thing to do, you know. We can’t have people running around promising things they would do but never end up doing it. That would be bad form. Too bad so many people have done it already.

Anyways. I’m not here to rant about the bad form of general society. There would be too much to say. We’ll start off with Toby.

Who is Toby? Toby is a squirrel. He is not a pet squirrel. Toby is a wild squirrel that manages to get himself stuck in various places. He is constantly trying to get out of wherever he gets stuck. I first met Toby in May. My family was here, and so we had borrowed a car from some people we knew so that we could transport everyone in one vehicle. Within the dashboard of the car, there would be a scratching sound. It would start and stop. I decided that Toby the squirrel was probably stuck in the dashboard and was trying to claw his way out. He had probably been trying to claw his way out for a long time. I felt bad for Toby and tried to comfort him. It didn’t stop him from trying to get out though.

After Toby met me, I guess he decided he liked me a lot. Maybe he escaped from the car. But he followed me to Dallas. In Dallas, I met a streetcar named Matilda. Toby had decided to bring his family with him on vacation, I guess, and they were in Matilda. It was then that Toby met my friend, and I guess some of his relatives decided to follow her as well. Anyways. I think now Toby lives in the building here at work. I can hear him some times scratching around in the air ducts or beneath the floor. I can’t tell if Toby is stalking me or he just really wants to be my friend and is too shy to say anything, so instead he just follows me around everywhere.

So now you have met Toby. Therefore, if you are around me, and you hear some kind of squeaking or scratching noise, I promise it’s most likely not me. I say most likely because there is the possibility that it would be me. But most likely it would be Toby and company.


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