The Whereabouts of Motivation

My friend has lost her motivation. She thinks that they’ve had a fight and it has run off somewhere. The problem is that she’s not very sure what they had a fight about. That can be a problem when the motivation is having a grudge against her and she needs to have it back so she can get some work done.

My theory on that subject is that her motivation is somewhat of a finicky, petulant child that throws tantrums and wants all sorts of attention that my friend just doesn’t have the time or energy to give. Children are sometimes like that, you know.

I’m also convinced that her motivation and my Muse are really good friends and like to arbitrarily run off and play. They probably go vacating (vacation-ing) around the universe, delighting in the fact that her and I are stranded here with nothing because… well, simply because motivation and Muse are off gallivanting. And how can you get anything done without either your motivation or your Muse? It’s nigh impossible. Believe me.

That is probably why this post, which was supposed to be out last night, ended up being posted Tuesday morning. Sigh. My friend really needs to make up with her motivation so my Muse will get bored being by herself and come back to me. Apologies, again. Back to regular schedule (hopefully) tomorrow!

P.S. I forgot to mention that since motivation acts like a spoiled child and therefore is very likely to be a spoiled child, motivation probably really likes candy. After all, it’s obvious that all spoiled children like candy. Therefore, I suggested that my friend leave a candy trail that leads up to herself. Motivation will probably be attracted to the candy and follow it back to my friend. And bam! Reunited. Motivation will be so touched that my friend got it all that candy that it will forget about the little spat they had earlier. And then my friend no longer has to try to figure out what they had a fight about.

The problem is that my friend has two dogs that will probably eat all the candy before motivation gets to it. And we are still trying to figure out what kind of candy motivation likes. Nerds? Lollipops? Candy cane?

One thought on “The Whereabouts of Motivation

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