I think I’m lost.

I have a reputation for having a bad sense of direction. This is not without precedent. I admit that in prior years, I was quite often lost. Physically. In latter years, I was often lost–socially. I blame my obliviousness.

The first time I vividly remember being lost was when I was a wee little child. We were close to some beach thingy, like a pier or something, and I remember following my mom’s jean jacket. After following for a little bit, I realized that the lady in front of me with a jean jacket wasn’t my mother. I don’t remember how I got found.

The second time I remember getting lost was on the way home from a friend’s house. I led the driver to someplace really, really close to my house. But it wasn’t my house. So we had to backtrack and try again. Later on I figured out where we ended up, and it would have taken us less than five minutes to get to my house.

Actually, this post isn’t really anything about actually being lost. It’s really a thoughtful musing (finally!), where I’m going to think out loud (really not that new) about the direction of this blog.

And I think I’m lost.

When I first started out all bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was quite ambitious. I wanted to write one post per day. Some days I wrote three per day. I was proud of my prolific-ness. Nowadays, I am much less so. I am often drawing a blank. Not that I’m unwilling to write, there’s just more preoccupying this brain than random bits floating around–although, arguably this isn’t true. There just hasn’t been as many exciting things that I could expound on.

So what to do? I have a few options. I could post less. Let’s say, two or three times a week. That would be a lot easier than feeling pressured to write something every single day. And I’d feel a lot less guiltless and not have to write explanatory and apologetic posts all the time. The other thing is to change the format of this blog. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been tweeting a lot. It’s a lot easier for me to say random one liners than entire paragraphs of bogus.

Wow, I’m really not used to writing seriousness on this blog. And I still haven’t found an answer. Writing has not helped me figure out what I want to do.

Actually, I’m leaning more towards posting MWF. It’s really exhausting to be super excited about something everyday. I could probably manage being excited for three days a week. But only those three days. Heh.

Okay! It’s decided! MWF it is! See you Wednesday, folks!

(And a bit of inanity, because I know you must miss it–today I discovered that lemon flavored Perrier water tastes like what Pledge should smell like. It’s a really odd sensation. You really ought to try it out.)


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