I could be a samurai.

I really could. Besides the fact that I don’t know what I’d do if I had to choose between samurais, ronins, ninjas, and pirates. That would be a really hard choice. But samurais are noble and moral and etc. And I guess I could be any of the above. Except I haven’t had any of the proper physical, psychological, etc. training that would be required.

So main reason why I could be a samurai? Well, this morning, as I was putting Maude in some orderly fashion–oh yes, did I mention Maude got a trim? Actually, much more than a trim. I chopped a third of Maude off. Don’t worry, she grows really fast. Anyways, so Maude is much shorter than she was before (headache prevention), and as we were trying to figure out what to do with her this morning, I realized… I could totally do a samurai hair style! Maude’s about the right length right now, and I would look super cool! Like a samurai. And looking like a samurai is just about as good as being a samurai.

I’m sure that as long as I got a samurai hair style I would start acting like a samurai. It’s probably instinctive. As soon as my hair is tied up the right way Japanese will start pouring out of my mouth, and I will begin to act just like a samurai. I’m pretty convinced that is the case. And then after I wash my hair (Although… I don’t know how often samurais used to take showers/baths. Would it have been often? If not, you might not want to stick around Samurai Sheri.) I would turn back to normal.

It makes perfect sense, no?

Although… I just did some really official research on Google images. I don’t think I want hair like a samurai. I would have to shave patches of my hair off. Or I could wait until I’m naturally balding on top?

I think he's wearing a wig.

I guess I could do this one. Although… I’m not too convinced this is what a real samurai hairstyle looks like.

Do I want to look like this? Eyebrows and all?

And last, but not least, I suppose I could always just buy this wig.

I've never worn a wig before, but it seems like my hair might have a hard time fitting under that.

To be a samurai, or not to be a samurai. Such a difficult question.

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