I think I’ve lost my funny bone.

And possibly just chipped my front tooth trying to drink from my mouth, narrowly missing my lips and hitting my teeth instead. Wow. I really just might die of clumsiness.

No, but seriously. Where did my funny bone go? It may have gone and joined my Muse. Sadly, dear folks, I don’t think I’ve been particularly interesting recently, and thereby have not written much interesting stuff. Why? Basically, my life has fallen apart, and I am trying to get it back together.

Now, when I say “falling apart,” I don’t mean it in the most literal sense of the term, as in my entire family has died in a mysterious accident, I’ve lost my job, been kicked out on the street, and have to resort to begging to sustain myself. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this entry. I would be huddling under some moth-eaten blankets for much desired warmth while hiding underneath the 91 overpass where it crosses the Santa Ana river, hoping to evade the authorities who will deport me to somewhere.

That is certainly not the case.

So what really is wrong? Well, one indication is that I had not cooked for nearly two months. Don’t ask me what I’ve been eating, it’s a mystery to me as well. I promise that I’ve been eating though, and do not have an eating disorder, and am eating plenty, and I’m not on some weird extreme diet. I just haven’t managed to cook. Part of the reason for that was because my family was here, and my mom cooked my meals for an entire month. (It was really, really nice.)

After family craziness, I went to Texas, leaving my place a mess, as I was trying to clean up after my family had left, but didn’t finish before I went to Texas. Whereupon I return and have to work on stuff for weddings and so on top of the previous (smaller) mess, I added my (medium) mess of unpacking business and wedding stuff. Then my brothers were here again for the wedding, and there just always seems to be stuff that appears out of no where and must be put away again. Where does it all come from?!?! Added onto that I’ve been exhausted. I’ve developed a new super power of sleeping at any time of the day whenever I want simply because I’m tired and I want my bed. Basically all the time.

So how many messes have I listed yet? Mess, mess, mess, mess. Plus tired, tired, tired, tired. (I’m not complaining, honest, I’m not. I’m just stating facts in a rather exaggerated fashion to get my point across that I am no longer funny and that is sad.)

Another factor! Recently I got a new phone (that will make for an interesting post), got a Twitter account, and thereby have discovered more fun things to do with technology! Plus I get to write all the random statements I want all the time, anytime, and anywhere! It’s like a dream come true. And for the most part, no one knows what I’m talking about, except a few who actually know what I’m talking about. If you want to know, you’ll just have to ask me/talk to me more often. If not, then you get lots of statements taken out of context and therefore are random and rather confusing! So much fun–oh, wait. I lost my funny bone, not fun at all. Never mind.

So what is my point? Oh yes, I’m explaining the lack of interesting posts recently. So sorry with all the bad news and sad falling apart life.

But good news is, I cooked tonight! A real, full meal! You know what that means? My life is reverse falling apart! Huzzah! This means I’m going to start picking up the pieces of the war zone (really, really not literal at all) of my apartment and life will get back to normal, and I’ll be sleeping at normal times and hopefully my funny bone will miss home enough to come back.

Actually, while writing this post, I really wanted to be sleeping instead so apologies if it’s a little incomprehensible.

And off I go to pick up some pieces!


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