Three cheers for the USPS! (via Random moosages as I see fit.)

Agreed! More reasons why we need to go out and actually mail things. Mailing is important and good for your health. It will bring a smile to those you are sending things to and for yourself as well as you anticipate their reaction when they receive it. That’s my personal experience, at least.

Actually, the title to this blog doesn’t make that much sense when you consider that the article just makes me sad.  Although, the USPS probably should still get three cheers. So, here’s another post about the USPS, although this time I’m actually writing it and not just reposting from another blog.  It seems that the USPS is ever closer to insolvency.  I don’t know exactly what that would mean for the future of mail delivery, but it definitely c … Read More

via Random moosages as I see fit.

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