New Super Power

I have a new super power. It’s pretty super. It’s pretty powerful. It’s so amazing that most people cannot believe I have this super power. Am I intriguing you enough yet? I’m trying to talk about it without revealing what it is, but that just causes me to make generalizations that sound rather dumb.

Anyways. My new super power? Sleep. I’m the Sleep Girl. What does that mean? I can sleep for amazing numbers of hours on end. Really. Maybe I should make up a stat for that. Every time I sleep for an entire day I get +100.

Anyways, the reason I’m posting about this is because I simply cannot believe how much sleep I need. For example: last night I went to bed maybe around 1:30. This is slightly unusual for me as I do prefer being in bed before 24:00, but due to unusual circumstances (ahem, modernity stat +15) and my own stubbornness (flexibility -10, sad) as well as obsessive compulsiveness (I don’t know what stat that would be), I ended up going to bed rather late.

Added onto that I did have a thoroughly exhausting weekend, and I was surprised I had made it through Monday in one piece and without dying in a tragic car accident due to falling asleep at the wheel (+10 driving). That was also the reason I did not attempt to write a post on Monday. It probably would have turned out like this. Disastrous, I know.

Back to the point. I slept a lot. In fact, I slept through most of the morning waking up in semi-consciousness, dreamt about getting ready for the day, but was in fact still sleeping. (I really hate the dreams where I think I’m getting ready and then wake up realizing that I’m still in bed and I have not yet gotten ready. Which means I basically have to do it all over again. Meh.) Finally, I got up. Then I had lunch with a friend, and came home fully intending to clean up the war zone that had developed in my apartment over the past week of traveling and wedding busy-ness.

I did cleaned up maybe two items. And then felt so exhausted. So I laid down, and slept for another solid three hours. I got up, ate dinner, went to a meeting, whereupon I got really, really sleepy yet again.


I had slept for at least 12 hours throughout the day, and by 20:00, the sleepiness had kicked in yet again. I’m yawning as I write this.

I’m so amazing, I’m the Sleep Girl. I can put myself to sleep! Wow. Such a great super power.

(Also, if you haven’t yet noticed, I’m now on Twitter. If you tire of long monologues, you now have another option! So considerate (consideration +5), I know.)


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