I’m not sure this is wedding appropriate.

So my friends are getting married! Huzzah! I am happy for them. Please disregard any negative sentiments you might have thought you sensed in yesterday’s post. I really am delighted that they are getting married. So with marriage is the flurry of excitement involving clothing, gifts, and seeing people. Not in that particular order.

So yesterday you saw the place cards I made. I finished those today! Huzzah! And I also made a card for them! Double huzzah! So productive. Without much further ado, here it is:

I'm still not quite sure how much I like it. I am still undecided.

I saw this idea somewhere online while browsing through the crafty sites that I follow. I wish I could attribute the idea to the right person, but I have since forgotten where I came across it. It had to do with flowers and spring and stuff. I thought I would try to do it with hearts for people getting married. I’m okay with the result, not sure if I like it a lot or not like it at all, but I simply don’t have time to try to do another card, so this will have to do.

And I always neglect to take pictures of the things I do until afterwards (meaning that I’ve already written in the card) so you only get a glimpse of the inside from the back:

Huzzah for Official Stamp of Homemadeness!

And here is the envelope that I’m not too sure is wedding appropriate, but I thought they might get a kick out of it if they realized I meant it as kind of a joke that isn’t really that funny:

I'm thinking along the lines of Asian red envelopes.... No?

Those are rather delicious looking strawberries, and they are foodies so… I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I have done so much craft this weekend! And now I have craft strewn about my floor…. Sigh.


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