I Like Helping

It seems to me that there are a lot of people getting married nowadays. It’s either that time of the year (whatever time that is) or I’m just getting to that age where everyone around me is getting married off. I prefer to think of it as maybe like a seasonal cold. It goes around, and then goes away. Then it comes back. Again. Not that it’s bad. It just happens. And I rather like colds. Because then I get to stay home and sleep lots. That’s the only reason I would like them, though. All the other stuff is just unpleasant.

But really, this post isn’t about my view of marriage or colds for that matter. And I’m not comparing marriages with colds. I bet they’re two completely different things. But I really wouldn’t know. Help, someone?

Anyways. What this post is about is actually me helping with someone else’s wedding. and then me recruiting more help to help. (I had little elves and large elves help me.) If that makes sense.

I volunteered to make place cards for my friends’ wedding. (My friends are getting married to each other, in case the punctuation was confusing you.)  Now, mind you, I’m quite far from professional, but I wanted to help out someway, so I volunteered to make place cards. After oo-ing and ah-ing over some really nice place cards online, I realized that:

  1. I don’t have the time to make something super elegant and schmancy and all that stuff.
  2. They weren’t really expecting something super nice that looked like it had come out of a wedding magazine.
  3. We were working on a budget. So I had to be practical.

This is what I came up with:

This is about two-thirds of them.

And another view? Something a little closer? I’d be delighted to show you.

I'm an amateur, I know.

I guess what I like about them is that each one is unique. No two are exactly the same. and I managed to be quite versatile with my materials and more effective with my time. So while I believe there’s lots of room for improvement, I’m more or less content with what we have here. Now I have learned a few things for when I make baby shower cards. :D

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