Adventuress Extraordinaire!

Disclaimer: There are a lot of photos in this post and it is really quite long. If you are not interested in pictures, maybe this particular post is not for you.

Welcome to an episode of Sheri–Adventuress Extraordinaire! :D For this post’s adventure I’m going to write about my adventure in Dallas, which is actually the reason why I was seriously M.I.A. for the last week. I was in Dallas and didn’t really have an internet connection and etc., etc., etc.  Basically, I was out of town, and unlike other people, I don’t have backup posts. I just write when the inspiration hits. And my Muse had left me to go on vacation. Sigh, so sad.

Anyways, dear friends, in case you are concerned about my physical well-being, don’t worry. I’m much more awake and coherent at this very specific moment in time, so this post should (hopefully) come together quite nicely. My friend told me that while she was reading yesterday’s post she could almost see me unraveling. And I… pretty much was.

So back to Dallas. (By the way, Dallas thinks I’m charming. Really.) My friend and I were in Dallas for a conference, and it ended on Monday, which was Memorial Day. Our flight to come home was on Tuesday morning, so we basically had a day to kill. A day to kill in in another state which I had never been in?! Bring on the adventure! Because we were (and still are) stingy and cheap, instead of taking public transportation, we decided we would walk. That’s right. Walk in the heat and humidity in the middle of the day in Texas. I think that by the end of the day, we had walked maybe five miles (give or take) through the city. But it was fun.

Before I begin our epic-poetry-worthy tale, I’ve elaborated on a map to show you our the swath of destruction we wrought upon the city.

Thank you, Google, for your user friendly maps.

In case it’s not clear,the red is our path, and the blue is my commentary. We basically walked that entire thing back and forth and all around except from the point labeled, “A trolley named Matilda,” where it heads off the map. Now, for our adventures.

We began by looking for lunch. My stomach had been bothering me for most of the weekend, so I really wasn’t up to eating anything heavy. And several times on Monday I had forgotten it was Memorial Day, and in case you didn’t realize (because I certainly didn’t for some strange, inexplicable reason), many things are closed on Memorial Day. My friend and I wandered around the area close to the hotel and finally stumbled upon a Subway that was open. After lunch, we had wanted to go to the aquarium because we both like aquariums. Guess what? The aquarium is rather expensive, and we didn’t want to pay that much for an admission fee.

So we wandered into the Old Red Museum, mainly because I wanted to see why there was a bright red neon Pegasus inside. And here is the Old Red Museum:

I wonder why it's called the Old Red Museum. Not clear at all. (That's sarcasm, guys & gals.)

While inside, we found out that there’s actually something like a tourist bureau. We got a couple maps and lots and lots of brochures from the enthusiastically helpful lady, and found out that you can ride an old trolley for free. How cool is that? I really wanted to ride on the trolley, so we headed that way. Because we went on foot, we relied on the maps to find our way there. Thus began our adventure.

The first thing we did was head the wrong way (please refer to the map). After almost dying of noxious, highly unpleasant odors under an overpass (that’s an interesting juxtaposition of words), we realized that we were heading the wrong way. So we turned around and began going the right way. Huzzah for right ways!

Along our path, we found a place which I later on found out was called the Fountain Place. Or something like that. I decided to walk on water:

Obviously, I had to walk on water to get to where I was. Please ignore my rolled up tacky looking pant legs. I didn't want them to get wet.

We took a welcomed respite there, and then continued on our trek. Along the way, we figured out that Dallas really likes to have water memorial/decorational things. Eventually, we found our way to the trolley stop. Right before it, I found a patch of mushrooms.

I promise I didn't eat them.

Finding a patch of mushrooms is actually really not that adventurous. But if I had eaten them then I really would have been adventurous. But I didn’t. Minus one point adventure? The tops of the mushrooms look a little bit like Maude when she is acting up, though.

Then we waited at the trolley stop. A couple of young men joined us waiting there, and they began to have a conversation of what it exactly meant to be poor. Actually, the reason why they began talking about their state of/unstate of poverty was because they told us that they wanted to ride it because it was free (same reason we were riding it) and they were poor. Whereupon they began to have an engaging discussion with each other where one of the young men insisted that they were not poor at all, because poor people have nothing, and they have things. And the other young man didn’t really care about what the other one had to say, and stuck to his claim that he was indeed, quite poor. I was really amused. They went on for about five to seven minutes like this.

Then, a trolley named Matilda showed up!

Toby had followed us all the way from California and brought his whole family & extended to join us for our trolley ride. Oh, you don't know Toby? I guess that will have to be another post.

The trolley conductor was an older gentleman. I didn’t talk to  him at all, but imagined his life story while taking our ride. Also, we didn’t get off at all, we just rode to the end of the line and rode back because most of the stuff along the way were boutiques and fancy eateries and we just weren’t interested in stuff like that. Anyways, back to our conductor. I imagined that he was a gruff and grumpy old grandfather who, for appearances’ sake, had to be curt and short with everyone, but was actually really awfully nice and sweet inside but didn’t want anyone to know.

So after we got back to where we had gotten on the trolley, we decided to explore the nearby artsy district. While walking past the Dallas Museum of Art, I decided that I wanted to climb the I-beam sculpture which sits in front of the museum. So… I did.

I'm pretty sure I was breaking some rules here... but no one was around because it was Memorial Day, and no one stopped me. So umm..... yeah.

If it were any other day besides Memorial Day, I’m pretty sure I would have gotten yelled at. But I would like to note that it’s a very clean sculpture with minimal bird poop on it, so I’m pretty sure they clean it and repaint it often.

Then after I slid down, we continued on our merry way. Whereupon I hid in a bamboo forest.

Can you find me?

Then we found a cathedral. It made me think of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Disney version (because the real story is super sad but a really great read, you should read it!) where you can run into the cathedral and cry, “Sanctuary!” and then the people who were after you wouldn’t be able to kill you. Yeah. I kind of wanted to do that, but guess what? Cathedrals are closed Memorial Day. What about all the criminals and heretics and etc. that need sanctuary? I guess persecutors take Memorial Day off too, so they’re okay?

I would have liked to go in and climb to the bell tower only to jump down to save someone... or something. That would have been adventurous.

Anyways, then we went across the street to the Chase tower. Whereupon, I hid in some more foliage. I’m not really sure why I had the urge to hide in foliage on Monday, but I did. So… I did.

How about this time? Can you find me?

At this point we were quite hot, quite thirsty, and quite sweaty. I really wanted a nice, cold popsicle. But there was none to be found! So we tried to go to the nearest 7-11, which led us further east and was quite out of the way. But guess what? Some 7-11’s are closed on Memorial Day too! (See a recurring theme here? Why hadn’t I learned yet?)

After being so very sad and despondent and only minorly in the depths of despair from finally finding a 7-11 only to find out that it was closed, we decided to head back home, and continue our adventure along the way.

I found a Pegasus. I wanted to ride the Pegasus.

See how cool I would have looked if I was sitting atop it? I would have been charging into the sky!

The Pegasus would have been easy to climb, but the problem is that it was rusty all over. I didn’t really want rust all over me, and seeing as how I am really unsure about the last time I got my tetanus shot, I decided to err on the side of caution and instead just imagine myself sitting atop Pegasus. You can do it too.

By this time, my traipsing had become more of a trudging, and my feet were burning. (I was wearing flip flops, for lack of better footwear.) As we passed by here, I decided to cool my blazing feet for a little bit.

I think those wet spots are from my feet. I think.

I’m pretty sure that I would have been yelled at here, too. I walked across the entire thing. It’s really quite shallow, and I had seen some birds wading through it so I thought… well… why not. If birds can do it… maybe I can too. (I know, faulty logic.) But it really did help cool the burning in my feet.

After this, we tried to make it back while finding a 7-11 along the way, as we also wanted to purchase our dinners there so we wouldn’t have to go out again. But a 7-11 was nowhere to be found! Until! Far off, I saw a neon sign! 7-11! All this while, the 7-11 ditty from Taiwan was haunting my head.

And I just realized that I forgot to upload the picture I took of the 7-11 we finally found. Well, folks, you’ll just have to imagine it in your head. I’m pretty sure you know what a 7-11 sign looks like.

Anyways, we bought slurpees and dinner and made it back to the hotel alive, in one piece, not dehydrated (too much), and chock full of adventure! Huzzah!

The end of our long day.

So I was trying to find the jingle for the 7-11 that was stuck in my head, but found this instead. It’s not actually in the ad, but this is just super cute. Enjoy!

And they lied. 7-11 is not always open. Well, at least not here in the US.


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