Hello, June.

In case you were not aware, today marks the first day of June. Why is that a big deal? At this point I could make up all sorts of interesting explanations as to why June is important to your personal life, your health, your sanity, etc. But today, I would like to be downright boring and say that actually, I really have nothing interesting to say about the month of June–as of yet. In fact, June is not a big deal at all.

So why am I writing this post?

The main reason I’m writing this post is due to the fact that I can’t believe it’s already June. And not just any June. It is the June of the year of 2011. You know what that means? That means that time has flown by, and I have no idea where it went. Where does time go?!?!

Maybe this post should actually be entitled my speculations about the destination of time. But actually, the thought of the destination of time really didn’t occur to me until I wrote the sentence, “Where does time go?!?!” (And now you may be learning a little bit of my thought process as I am writing these posts.) I started out meaning to write about why I’m so amazed that it’s June already and May is already over, and we are almost halfway through the year of 2011, and I will be yet another year older–wait, how old am I? No, seriously, I just blanked out on my age. (Okay, I’m really tired as I’m writing this thing, so if you’re understanding me less than usual, that’s the reason why. I feel so incoherent and all over the place right now.) And I have just remembered my age. Whew, that was a close one.

Hmm… this post is turning more and more into a stream of consciousness rather than about one cohesive topic. I am blaming the tiredness.

Okay. Back to the subject at hand. Where does time go? Or were we talking about why June is so unimportantly important? Or shall we cover both topics simultaneously and see what this malfunctioning brain comes up with? Or would you like to  have some more stream of consciousness?

Actually, I don’t think I have enough energy to do any of the above. It will burn more energy than I have allotted for writing this post. Energy allotment is important. Otherwise I might expend all of it in doing one thing and not have enough for the rest of this busy day. Busy days require much energy. Perhaps if I wasn’t going to be busy this evening I would actually take the time to write something insightful, thoughtful, and entertaining (because I’m so positive all my entries so far have been exactly that).

Wow. I better just stop before this gets any worse.

Stay tuned for when I am more awake, have more energy, and therefore will be able to write an episode of the life of Sheri–adventuress extraordinaire!

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