Thing? Is that you?

Today when a friend and I were driving somewhere, there passed by us on the left, a car with a hand and a wrist sticking out the front passenger window. Actually, I think it was a two door car, so there’s not really a back passenger window. Just a window. On the passenger side.

And the hand was waving!

You may not think this is a big deal, but it looked rather strange. I tried to depict it properly through yet another one of my stunningly accurate illustrations, so here it is:

Um… I didn’t want to actually draw other cars. Or our car. So… you just get boxes labeled car. But I circled the badly drawn hand (which, by the way, anatomically speaking is the hardest part of a body to draw), just so you know what to look at! I know, so helpful.

Anyways, so this hand was kind of just flopping arbitrarily out the window. My friend had first noticed, and in response to the erratic waving of the hand, she said, “Sup.” This resulted in a fit of laughter from the two of us. And as I was watching the hand, I was reminded primarily of two things, which I thought were very important and I should share with you all.

First of all, the hand reminded me of Thing. Remember Thing, from Addams family?

It looked a little bit like Thing decided to take a ride on someone’s window. I’m really not sure how Thing would have gotten there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she/it (?) wanted to take a joy ride and feel the wind through it’s fingers/hair on the back of it’s hand or wrist as portrayed in the above picture.

And then an immature version of the Addams family song promptly got stuck in my head. Sigh. “The Addams family started, when Uncle Fester…” and etc.

The second thing I was also reminded of at almost exactly the same moment was something that I think most children are told around the elementary school age. I’m not sure where I learned it, but my friend had also learned it when she was in elementary school too.

Anyways, if you stick your limbs or your head outside the window, it’ll probably be cut off by a passing vehicle. I had never doubted the validity of this statement, but as I was watching Thing wave lazily as it was riding along, I realized that either you’d have to be driving really close to the vehicle next to you and vice versa for your limb/head to actually be swiped off. Either that or you’d be sticking your limbs/head really, really far out the window, which shouldn’t be possible if you are wearing your seatbelt like a law abiding citizen.

So what can we learn from this? Should you decide to stick your head/limbs outside the window in a legal manner, just tell your driver to drive safely and things should be okay. Oh, that, and I wonder where Thing is going. Probably to the beach or something.

Say something! Make me laugh!

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