So what do you call a group of _____?

Hi, folks. Words are very important. You should always know the proper identification of things, otherwise people can be very easily confused. Therefore, here’s another round of very important words you should know about in case someone ever runs up to you with a dangerous weapon and says something like, “Quick! Tell me how you would refer to a group of sharks or I will hurt you a lot!” Or more like… when you’re trying to fill in a crossword puzzle. I guess, but that’s so much boringer than saving someone’s life by knowing lots of trivia. Which, by the way, could totally happen. Given the right circumstances, that is.

Anyways, so what do you call a group of sharks? Well, let me tell you. You would refer to a group of sharks as a shiver of sharks. I can’t wait to see a shiver of sharks so that I can say to someone kind of as a passing, offhand remark, “Ohay! Look over yonder! Shiver me timbers! A shiver of sharks!”

See? It makes me sound so educated and smart, and you can be just like me too! (I know that’s probably one of your wildest dreams. No need for a response, I know.)

So where did I find this wealth of knowledge? I will refer you here. Here, you you will learn the proper identification for various congregations and can say things like, “Look, a bloated bloat of hippopotamuses! And over there! An unkindness of mean ravens!” and “Oh noes, I’m being sieged by a siege of herons and a leap of leaping leopards!””

Okay. I think my corniness has gone through the roof. But really, isn’t it interesting? I think it is.


Say something! Make me laugh!

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