When I Grow Up…

When I was a young lass, I had many a dream. Not just the kind that you have when you’re sleeping at night, although I had plenty of those as well. We’re talking about the stuff of dreams like “When You Wish upon a Star” kind of dream (except instead of wanting to be a real boy, I wanted to be other things, since… I was a real girl already–I think). So, when I was but a squirt, I wanted to be so many things when I grew up. (When I grow up. When I grown up? When I was grown? Sigh.)

Well, let’s start off. What is a dream, anyways? Just something you want? Something that just comes across you when you’re daydreaming in class or at work when you’re supposed to be doing something else? According to Cinderella, this is the stuff a dream is made of:

And how do you go about getting your dreams to come true? Well, first of all, you have to wish upon a star. The first star you see in the night, apparently, and say something like this:

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I make tonight.

(To be very honest, even though I knew it wasn’t true, I did it quite often–wishing on stars, that is. I was, in many ways, very much a Disney child.)

Your wish, obviously, is your dream. And then while you’re sleeping, something like this may happen to you:

But wishing along won’t get you anywhere. You have to work hard for you dreams. Like Pinocchio, to be a real child, he had to prove himself. This is where something like this comes in:

Well, I didn’t really have dreams of grandeur like Hercules did. But then again, I’m not part pagan god either.

So after all this, what were my childhood dreams? Well, I had quite a few, to be sure. I wanted to be a botanist, a biologist, a zoologist, a teacher, a librarian, a truck driver, an air force pilot, an archeologist, a hermit, a musician, a farmer, an etymologist, among many other things. And sometimes I wanted to be more than one of these simultaneously.

A truck driver, you ask? Yes. I wanted to be a truck driver for an entire week. Quite the ambitious child, I know. I had read a book about a family, and the dad (I think) was a truck driver, and they seemed to have an exciting life. That ended pretty quickly, though, as… well, really? Imagine me driving a big truck on icy roads and hanging out with the other truckers at truck stops.

An air force pilot! Also lasted for about a week. I think I was really inspired by Top Gun for some reason, and I thought, well, I have perfect vision! I could be an air force pilot! You get to fly a plane! How cool is that?! And then… well. I think you need to be at least 5’6″ to be a pilot in the air force, and I am… quite far from that. Another dream, dashed!

Anyways, I could go on and on, but I think this is sufficient. I will probably never be most of the things that I wanted to be when I was a child. But that’s okay. It was fun to dream about it, and think about it, and to imagine life as such and such. And who knows? Stranger things have happened. I’m not keeping my fingers crossed, though.


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