Our Postal Service

I don’t know how many of you have ever considered much our national postal service. Yes, that’s right. Postal service. You know those men and women in blue that drive those little trucks and are out there regardless of rain or shine, blizzard or blazing heat, vicious dogs or nice dogs? Well, I’d like to write a little bit about why we should honor and respect our postal service.

There are a few reasons why I’ve always paid attention to our postal service. They aren’t very good reasons, but here they are. When I was a kid, there was a jump rope rhyme that went like this, “Mailman, mailman, do your duty, cause here comes Miss American Beauty…” I have no idea why Miss American Beauty would be walking down the street while the mailman is out doing his duty. And would the mailman be distracted? Possibly. Anyways. So I think (my memory may serve me incorrectly) my brother and I used to chant that every time we saw a mailman. Only in elementary school though. Although sometimes it may still pop into my head when I see a mailman. My point is, I always notice when there’s a mailman.

Second reason! Have you guys ever seen The Postman? I’ve watched this movie maybe twice, and it was really inspiring for an impressionable child. A post man, I found out, can be very inspiring. Especially when he reads that poem that’s in the post office. Anyways, according to this obviously authoritative movie, the postal service can mean a lot for a country.

No, but seriously, our post office is amazing. I did some quick research, and here are some cool facts that I’ve found:

  • In 2010, our post office processed 171 billion pieces of mail.
  • On average, our post office processes 563 million pieces of mail per day; 23 million pieces of mail per hour; 391,000 pieces of mail a minute; and 6,516 pieces of mail a second.
  • Our postal service handles 40 percent of the world’s card and letter mail.
  • Our postal service has the largest civilian fleet in the world, with 215,625 vehicles at its service, and has the worlds largest alternative fuel enabled fleet.
  • Each year, the letter carriers and professional truck drivers drive 1.25 billion miles.
  • There are 31,871 postal-managed retail locations nationwide.
  • Our postal service has 574,000 career employees.

And guess what? All this done is done with zero tax dollars. That’s right. Our post office does an amazing job, and doesn’t get a cent from you (in terms of taxes)! This is the reason why the stamp prices keep going up. So you shouldn’t complain. They need to survive to0.

So what’s the point of all of this? The point is, you should go out and support the post office! Go and write letters! Mail packages! Etc. Now, with online service, the post office is pretty convenient to use. If you want to learn more interesting things about our postal service, I’ll refer you here.

Oh yes, one last important point that I learned in high school. Mailmen are employed by the federal government; therefore, it is a federal offense to injure a mailman. Just don’t do it. There’s no reason to.

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