This is My Older Brother

Since it’s rather unfair that I just post about my younger brother, I decided to write something about my older brother, Jon (it’s short for Jonathan). Make sure you spell it Jon, and not John, and Jonathan, and not Jonathon. I think people mis-spelling his name is one of his pet peeves.

Anyways… hey Jon, look! An entire post dedicated to you!

By the way, I got Andy’s permission to write the post about him, and Jon said basically I could write whatever I wanted on my blog cause it’s my blog, so I’m released to make up whatever nonsense I want! Huzzah!

So this post is dedicated to Jon, and… his head! Here is a nice illustration of Jon:

Look! He’s waving at you. Curly hair runs in our family, so that’s why his hair is like that.

So one of Jon’s most outstanding features is his rather large head. It doesn’t strike you as large at first glance (or maybe it does, but I’m inured to it). I think he might have grown into it and now it doesn’t seem as large as it used to be. Man, now I wish I asked him to measure the circumference of his head before I wrote this. I don’t know if he’d cooperate to that extent, though.

When Jon was little, people use to tease him about his head. There’s a children’s rhyme in Chinese, and it goes like this (for those who can read Chinese):


Translated in English literally, it would read, “Big head, big head, when it rains I don’t dread, you have an umbrella, I have a big head.”

This means that Jon doesn’t need an umbrella when it’s raining because he won’t get wet because his head is so big.

Not only does he have that superhero power of staying dry when it’s raining even without an umbrella even though his head might get damp, his head is also strongly resilient! It’s really amazing. He manages to hit his head on so many different things, and it’s stayed in one piece. Although once he fell down some marble stairs when he was little and hit his head and had to get stitches, but his head is remarkably sturdy.

Once, he even somehow hit his head on the corner of a wall while turning the corner. He merely got a bruise, where the steel enforced wall got dent. Which means that his head dents steel.

Aren’t you amazed? Don’t you wish you had a head like my brother?


One thought on “This is My Older Brother

  1. That actually looks a lot like Jon. I’m pretty impressed. I think your skillz as an artist is improving. You might not have to pretend anymore soon!

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