Driving Made Interesting

Today we did the drive from the north to the south. I’ve done this drive more than a few times, but only recently have I been doing the driving myself. The view is not too bad, rolling hills, stretched out plains, amber waves of weeds, an aqua duct, lots of cows, vineyards and groves, all-in-all quite nice. But not terribly interesting.

This time, however, the drive was really pretty, for some mysterious reason. Maybe the pretty fairy came by right before we drove up and down and made everything pretty. Or maybe it’s because it’s spring. But it’s not the first time I’ve driving up and down in spring. Maybe it was the sudden outbursts of showers. I do love rain.

Anyways, regardless of whatever reason why it was as pretty as it was, my mom decided that this particular trip was particularly wonderful and therefore she needed to snap pictures of everything all the way down south. My mom is an avid picture taker, so this is no surprise. The surprise part is that this is the possibly the 20th something time she’s been on that road and that all of a sudden she has a sudden urge to take pictures of everything.

Right as we’re driving through the mountain pass there’s a rainbow! At first it’s just a part of it and then suddenly as we make a few turns, BAM! It’s a full on arch!

It looked a little like this:

Look! It's an illustration with color (albeit a bad one)! You have permission to ooh and ahh.

Obviously I wasn’t the only car on the road. I was too lazy to draw more though. I couldn’t even draw my own car much less many others. And there were more than a few plants, and probably more than two lanes in the highway and I’m sure the rainbow was a lot prettier. But it’s late, and I’m just not going to bother trying to make it better. I did drive all day, after all.

Anyways. Upon seeing the rainbow, my mother got really excited. Her camera battery had died by this point, so she had to resort to using her phone. (I was really impressed by her determination to capture everything on digital film.) But because most of the rainbow was on my side (the driver’s side) she decided to reach around me to take pictures of the rainbow.

You’ll need to stretch your imagination a little, but it was a little bit like this:

Aaaand... we're back to black and white. Sorry, folks.

By the way, the above picture is a really, really, really bad rendition of what happened. My mom does not have arms that are twice the length of her body. Really, she doesn’t. And she also doesn’t have crazy looking eyes, either.

Back to the story. So my mom was excited, and so she stuck her arm in front of me to take pictures. That was rather awkward for me as we were driving on a pretty curvy stretch of the road then going both uphill and downhill. So then I told her to stick her arms behind me as I leaned forward to drive. Oh yeah, it was alternating between drizzling and pouring then, too. Hence the wonderful rainbow.

I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your chairs reading this thrilling tale of my drive. Anyways. I didn’t crash, we didn’t die, and my mom got her pictures! Huzzah! Everyone is happy.

Oh yes, one minor point. The rainbow reminded me of God’s faithfulness, and of this scene from The Little Mermaid (just to be clear–the two have nothing to do with each other, they are two separate thoughts):


One thought on “Driving Made Interesting

  1. I never realized how stubby the merfolk’s arms are. Judging by the size of their head, their arms should be a lot longer (it’s much more apparent in the second picture).

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