This is My Little Brother

I’m spending this weekend with my brothers. I haven’t really had a chance to write because we’ve been out a lot, but we finally have a moment to sit down and chill. I’ve been wanting to write this post about Andy for a while, so here it is!

Andy is my little brother. Technically, he’s not little anymore, but by force of habit I still call him my little brother. I suppose I’m supposed to be calling him my younger brother since he’s only one year younger than I am, and we’re not that little anymore. Jon is my older brother, but I’ll discuss him at some other time.

Here is a great illustration of the three of us (I’m not sure how my brothers would feel if I put a real picture of them up on the internet):

This is the three of us as I’m writing this post. If you don’t know what a kotatsu is, I’ll refer you here. Andy is… as usual lounging around, and Jon has already moved positions. I’m a little sad about that, since he no longer matches the picture, but I guess I can’t get him to stay like that forever. In case you can’t tell, Jon’s sitting.

Back to Andy. There are many aspects to him… like he’s an excellent engineer, he’s a die-hard Japan fan (slight exaggeration,but partially true), he’s kind of an otaku (okay, more like, really an otaku), among other things.

Today, however, I’d like to specifically discuss his solution to most of the world’s problem. Here is how a conversation with him would typically go:

Me: Dude, I’m so annoyed!
Andy: It’s cause you’re not manly enough.

Me: So I heard that so-and-so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Isn’t that dumb?!?! Gosh, I can’t believe these people.
Andy: It’s cause they’re not manly enough.

Me: Did you hear about what’s going on in _____? People are  ______ and ______ and it’s like, total and utter chaos!
Andy: It’s cause they’re not manly enough.

You get the idea? Andy’s solution to most problems is simply because people aren’t manly enough. He’s constantly telling me that I need to shed manly tears and scream manly-ly and do things in a more manly fashion. I think he might be a little confused about my gender.

And if you don’t have enough manliness, do you know what you need? You need spiral power! So when I’m tired, or headache-y, or feel generally unwell, and Andy really wants me to do something for him, he tells me that I need more spiral power.

If you’d like to know the details of spiral power, you really should watch the anime. It’s called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. For more specifically about spiral power and it’s significance related to your energy, you should read this. It’s surprisingly well written.

For those who aren’t interested in reading so much, you may just listen to the following song:

This is what he sings to me (the rap part, not the opera part) when he wants me to get more spiral power. Aren’t you inspired to go out and do manly things just by listening to it? And he tells me that if he’s tired and stuff all he needs to do is sing this song and he is energized. So you see, it’s really effective. …just not for me, I guess.

And this is what he looks like when he’s charging up (sort of):

It’s a little like this:

Except his hair doesn’t change color and turn all spiky and you have to actually imagine the energy around him rather than being able to actually see it. I also don’t think he’s as cut as this guy is, and he tends to simply wear a T-shirt and shorts plus sandals. And he’s definitely not a saiyan. (I just found out there’s a wikipedia series/articles/whatever dedicated simply to DBZ. Wow.)

Now imagine him charging up while singing this (and he actually sings this often ::snicker::):

Teehee. Okay. That is my introduction to my little brother, Andy!

3 thoughts on “This is My Little Brother

  1. For some reason, I always imagined that the spiral power song was more opera-y than rappy. It’s kind of disappointing that he doesn’t sing the opera part.
    Now, the second song is something I can easily imagine him singing and I’m surprised the spiral power song isn’t more like this one.

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