My mom is better than your mom. Hands down.

Warning: This is going to be long. What with pictures and all.

Okay, the title may not be true. But she is pretty great. And I know it’s not even Mother’s Day yet, so consider this an early Mother’s Day post. Simply because my mom is that amazing.

So we’re going to visit my brothers up north tomorrow, and because my mom so rarely gets to spend much time with them, she decided to cook up a storm (think lightning) in order to go bearing gifts. Now keep in mind, my mom already has a suitcase full of gifts for each brother. So, two suitcases. Full of gifts. They’re full. Believe me.

And tomorrow we’re also bringing two ice chests. Full of food-gifts. No joke. I told you she was amazing.

So today she was busy all day cooking, and when I come home, she’s still making stuff. Guess what my mom is making? She’s making Chinese buns (from scratch) and Chinese sausages (from scratch). And dutiful daughter that I am, I jump into the mess (specifically sausage-making). And boy, it’s messy.

Working with the meat, I realized, is a little like playing with mud. Except its sticky and chunky and smells like you wanna eat it. Except you can’t, cause it’s raw. I mean, you could, but you’d just get super sick and possibly die a wretched death throwing up all your insides. But that would learn you to eat meat raw like that.

I’m sure many of you have never made sausages from scratch. Any kind of sausages. I think the only thing that makes these particular sausages “Chinese” is just the flavoring. Otherwise it’s just pork inside pork casings… like any other sausage, I suppose.

First, you start of with a bunch of meat.

Lots of meat.

And this is just the tail end of it. Imagine lots and lots of more meat. She put a special kind of wine and salt and stuff into it. I would tell you but it’s a super secret family recipe and I might have to kill you if you knew how to make it. (Not really.) I actually don’t remember all the things she said off the top of my head.

Then you need to have pork casing. That looks like this:

Guess what? Pork casing is just a nice way to say pig intestines.

Of course those intestines are nice and cleaned out. Oops, you got a sneak peak of the sausages. Pork casings feels nice and soft, and yet are surprisingly strong.

Then you use this interesting machine:

I'm sorry it's blurry. This time I really am.

It’s sitting on top of a jar/cup/I-really-don’t-know-what-it’s-called thing. But I think it looks self-explanatory right? You stick the meat in the opening on top, turn the handle, and bam! It comes out the other side. There’s this drill (think Andy) thingy inside that pushes the meat out on the end. Basically, you find the opening of the pork casing and you slide the whole thing on the stick, tie the end, then there you go!

It looks a little like this:

I know it looks a little gross here, but keep persevering!

You have to tie the opening, and then divide the different sections. You’re supposed to twist it, but sometimes it doesn’t stay twisted so you have to tie it. If you don’t… well, you’ll just end up with one really long sausage and be forced to eat it all at once. There’s just no other way to it. Then you tie the other opening and you’re done with that section!

Then, sausages need drying:

Normally, my mom has something better to use than a broom and a mp for her drying rack. But space and material in my apartment is just that limited.

Aren’t they pretty though? They look like real sausage links now!

Basically you want the moisture to dry off of them. And my mom doesn’t use preservatives in her sausages, so you have to freeze them right away, unless you plan to eat them right away, of course. So you cut them apart and then freeze them.

And this is what my freezer currently looks like:

At least I won't starve for a while.

Good thing at least two-thirds are going up north tomorrow. Otherwise I might have to eat sausages for an entire year.

See? Isn’t my mom amazing? And it’s 11:30 at night, and she’s still slaving away in the kitchen finishing up the last of the buns (meat and meatless).

I'm not sure how Mr. and Mrs. Moo feel about being super-secret-ambush-not-attacked by a herd of meat buns.

And they look so pretty when they’re done, too:

Don't they look delicious? That's the steamer thing you use to cook them in the background.

Eight pictures in one post! That’s a record. She’s now working on meatless cranberry buns (her super secret recipe definitely not an attack). But I think that’s enough pictures for now.

And it’s time for bed. Good night, world!

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