What? It’s been a month??

Yes. An entire month filled with contents from my random thoughts. I don’t know how we’ve made it through. But we’re here! Happy one month to me and my blog! :D

So as an one-month celebratory post, I propose that you should all go out and eat preserved radishes. Why? Because preserved radishes are the celebratory food of choice! People definitely know that you are celebrating when you are eating preserved radishes! There is no doubt in their mind at all. Huzzah! Preserved radishes!!

I’ve been thinking of something special to write in honor of one month, but I’ve really drawn a blank. But I still wanted to write something, so instead of something really thoughtful and terribly interesting… you just get… my babbling (which is what I write most of the time anyways, so I guess we’re good.).

So let’s see. In this past month, I’ve written 25 posts (I like the word prolific. It just rolls off your tongue so well. You should try it. Draw it out nice and slow. Peh-roh-lih-fic…), covering a wide variety of topics, from pirates to crafts, from cleaning to plants, from belly buttons to zombie bunnies. Been an interesting month, eh?

I hope it’s been entertaining for you to read as it has been enjoyable for me to babble on in cyberspace. Here’s to many more nonsensical posts! ::raises bowlful of celebratory preserved radishes!::


One thought on “What? It’s been a month??

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