This is really cool.

Okay, dear friends. You need to watch this. Not only is it super educational (and therefore extremely cool), but it is also really fun to watch.

Watch it. Now.

Or when you get home from work and don’t have to watch it while looking over your shoulder to make sure your boss isn’t watching you watch this video.

Wasn’t that cool? Doesn’t it make you wonder about the universe and why it’s so big and vast and how there’s so much that we don’t know about and how small it makes us feel and how it all came about and if there is a God out there? No? Well, it should.


The flies are still there.

And there are more of them.

And they are going to eat my face.


One thought on “This is really cool.

  1. Maybe we’ll find (utah)raptor(ish dino)s called Yoshi and they can become our mode of transportation. Also, Yoshi could probably take care of your fly problem for you.

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