In the past, some of you have heard me talking about my life in terms of an RPG. Well, it’s true. My life is basically arole playing game. Just a clarification–when I think of an RPG, I think of this kind, and not this kind, mainly because I like to play computer games.

Yes, it’s really true. I do. Which is why I’m such a nerd/geek/etc. (Some of you may know what I’m referring to. I’m hoping that most of you–in that previous category–have forgotten.) And I do go through phases. Right now I am in a non-gaming phase.

Anyways. If I am in an RPG, it only makes sense for my to describe my character and what my stats are. Except… about the character description, I’m still not quite sure what I am. But! I think that I’d really like to be a rogue-type character (<–I’ve never played the games listed under this link, but I’ve watched Andy play). That kind of… appeals to me a lot.

So here are my stats (the normal ones):

Strength – 67
Stamina – 60
Stealth – 72
Agility – 70
Intelligence – 55
Charisma – 23
Wisdom – 9
Willpower – 40
Perception – 6

And some I’ve made up on my own!

Crafting – 93
Cooking – 62
Cleaning – 99
Idiocy – 85
Organization – 54

And… I can’t think of any more. Obviously, there are a few things that I need to work on. At least my stealth isn’t -10. ::ahem, Yaris::

And I might level up soon! As soon as I figure out what the next boss is. Huzzah!


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