(Disclaimer: I’m really not a photographer. I already told you that. And I don’t even apologize for the blurry pictures. I’m tired. And I really don’t care at this point. I’m just happy I managed to finish all that stuff and post this tonight before I lose the inspiration.)

Can it be true? Is it another crafty post? Yes! It’s true! Your lifelong wish has been granted and now you can die in peace! Congratulations!


I’ve been working on this project for the past… couple months. Maybe… three days in the past couple months. Two days in the beginning of March and… tonight (At least I think I started in March. For all I know I could have started it in February.). So technically it spans the time of two months although it really only took me three days. Sigh. I’m so lame.

Anyways, before you see the pictures, lemme explain a little. These are paper shapes that I cut out and then sewed together on the sewing machine. Then I masking taped them up on my wall. It is now part of my homemade decor (I’m determined only to decorate with things I make), and it makes me happy.

And you will also catch glimpses of my room in these photos (completely unavoidable due to my lack of skill which causes the pictures to look terrible with only just wall and paper).

I tried to do it without getting any of my personal belongings, but it ended up looking like this:

I know, awful, right?

And the point is that you get the whole effect so you need to get all that junk. Sigh. Anyhow, my room is boring, I know. Don’t judge me.

Um.. yeah. Ignore the things hanging on the door.

And another view!

I especially like the one hanging at the apex between the window and the door.

If you can see it. I think this picture is a little blurry, but that’s okay if you read my previous disclaimer regarding my pretense at being a photographer. Also, I bet you’re trying to read what’s on my bulletin board. Ha-hA! Foiled!

And last one.

Vot? You know how to read?!?

My life-long goal and dream is to have a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast. By the way, the bookcases are not the focus here.

Aren’t they fun? I feel like my room is just that much more cheerier with them hanging up there! :) And I’m short, so it was awfully hard to get them up there. So glad it’s all done.

And that’s it, folks! Umm… I hope you enjoyed the tour of my room?


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