Lord of the Flies

Today I saw something pretty revolting. Well, on a scale of 1 to 10 it would probably have placed a 7, but my idea of disgusting things is a little bit different from most people. So that scale probably doesn’t tell you anything. But you know how sometimes when you see something gross, but it’s so fascinating that you want to touch it, but it’s gross and you kind of want to gag but you still want to touch it or poke it or something?!?

It was a little bit like that. So after I stared and gagged silently to myself for a little bit I fetched my camera so I can share it with you, my dear reader. Here it is:

Why are there so many flies in the sink?!?!

And there were some on the wall and on the counter. So gross! Ew.

(Sorry if you’re disappointed that I’m this grossed out by a mere swarm of bugs. One or two I can handle, but these guys were big and fat and in a mob.)

Well, first of all. I don’t know that they’re flies. But they look like it. And flies are dirty. I am, by the way, hyper hygienic, bordering on OCD (okay, maybe not so bad). So this is gross. And why are they gathered in just one of three sinks? Did they come out the sink? The sink is a place where dirty things go down, therefore, if they came up the drain, that’s really, really disgusting. I am grossing myself out just by thinking about it. ::shudder::

After I got my camera I began to snap a few pictures. Then I wanted to use flash. I was half afraid that if I used flash the bugs would be all startled and then fly up and attack me and eat my face. But I did it anyways. And they didn’t attack me. Whew.

An hour or so later, they were still there, even though they had changed formation, and it looked like someone had squished one of them. Yet another hour later they were still there, and it looked like there were more. I didn’t feel like it was necessary to take more pictures. I was and am still half afraid of them eating my face. And I was imagining the entire bathroom swarming with those things. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Anyways, it made me think of Lord of the Flies, and how I had liked that book a lot in high school, and how I don’t remember much of it now so I better go back and read it. Hence the title of this post.

Sigh. I hope they’re not there tomorrow.


One thought on “Lord of the Flies

  1. I read Lord of the Flies for the first time in the training because one of the high schoolers was reading it and another trainee was helping her out on her project and explaining the book from the point of view of the four falls of man. I thought that was very interesting so I tried it myself.

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