I WAS TOLD I HAD TO POST THIS (via Random moosages as I see fit.)

It’s true. Dr. McNinja is just THAT cool.

Fangirl(or boy)ism.  I’m quite against it.  I mean…really?  What possibly could be so great about something that you would have to obsess over it to that extent?  Apple?  Pff.  Newest iSomething?  Snort.  Steve Jobs?  Please. BUT HERE IS SOMEONE YOU CAN TOTALLY OBSESS OVER AND IT IS NORMAL BECAUSE HE IS ONLY THE COOLEST PERSON EVER.  COOLEST.  PERSON.  EVER.  EVAR. DR. MCNINJA GO AND READ ALL OF IT. GO. And I will just have to accept that there … Read More

via Random moosages as I see fit.

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