A Fitting End

Sometime last week–at least, I think it was last week–I had an engaging (at least, I thought it was) discussion about zombie bunnies. Anyways, here’s the epilogue (or something like that) to that post. I was planning to write about it sooner, but somehow… well, obviously, it never happened. But here it is! A few days (a week?) late.

This is what happened to those bunnies. I thought it was a very fitting end.

Although, I assure you that melting doesn’t kill zombies. At least, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. There are various discussions on how they die, but you either have to decapitate them, shoot them in the head, or burn them to a crisp. I’m not sure that mere melting will do the job. Though they are melted, they are probably still as dangerous. Be forewarned.

And I do like to talk about zombies. It’s a very interesting, engaging subject. Honestly. And in case you weren’t sure. I realize, they’re not real.

But it’s fun to pretend they are. And that the zombies are coming for your brains.

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