It’s Spring!!!

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer. I just pretend to be one.

I realize it’s been spring for a while. But I’ve been so busy writing about pirates and zombies and belly buttons and the sanitation standard of the country (all very, very important) that I haven’t had time to acknowledge the fact that indeed, spring is here.

Actually, I don’t like spring too much. At least not in California. Southern California, to be specific. After all, there’s not much difference between spring and summer, and who wants to be sitting in ninety degree weather anyway. Yuck. I much prefer winter. Though this spring has been awfully indecisive and fluctuating back and forth between hot and cold like a seesaw gone mad. Which has been interesting. But I still don’t like the hot weather.

Anyways, this is my spring commemoration post! Complete with pictures! Huzzah!

It was really hard to take this picture. The sun was so bright. I was partially blind by the time I was done.

One major reason why I do appreciate spring, despite it’s mood swings, is that there is new life. And new life is always awesome. It’s basically nature telling us that we can have a new start. Except we get a new start every morning and not just once a year.

One clear picture out of... ten. I think.

It is also fabulously difficult to get a good shot of flowers swaying in the breeze. They almost all turn out blurry. Like trying to photograph your less year old wriggly, squirmy nephew-infant becoming toddler (child of cousin, not of brother for all those who gasped) who refuses to stay put in one spot.

I like how the petals are about to roll up. This picture makes me happy.

And all of pictures were taken today in a parking lot! Who woulda thunk? Beauty sure turns up in unexpected places.

Spring, regardless about my feelings concerning the weather, I do welcome you.

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