I Have Found a New Identity

Until very recently, I was completely unaware of a genre called “steampunk.” Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that I was completely unaware in the sense that I had actually come into contact with a lot of things (mostly anime) that would be called steampunk. I just never knew it was called that.

Now I know. And you know what? I think I’ve always been into steampunk and never knew what it was called officially.

This may get a little confusing. I’m getting a little confused myself as I’m writing this. Hopefully, I’ll become clearer as I write. Or, I’ll just get more confused.

So what’s steampunk? Here is the Wikipedia article for it. I also enjoyed reading this article on the subject.

Now I’d like to clarify, I studied history in college, focusing on Reformation history. So why would I be into steampunk? To tell you the truth, I have this theory that I was really meant to be an engineer. There’s a proof for it (though it’s not too logical and will probably sound really dumb to you) and I’m pretty convinced that I would really have enjoyed the engineering life. But I studied history. And don’t get me wrong. I love history. I adore history. I could probably spend my entire life inside a library dusting off old books and reading (Okay, now I’m exaggerating–but only just a little.). Now combine the two, history plus engineering, and it’s steampunk!!

I haven’t quite yet figured out how to refer to myself with this new identity. Am I a steampunk-ette? Steampunk-tress? Is it a noun, an adjective, or an adverb? Whatever. I like stuff that is steampunk-ish.

And I shall vehemently tell you the time!!!


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