What’s the next point after exhaustion?

Disclaimer: I’m not a scriptwriter. In fact, I’m not really even a writer. I’m just pretending to be one.

Can people die from being too tired? I’m kind of convinced that people can die from exhaustion. I haven’t quite figured out yet what that might look like. Would it be something like this?

The scene opens: Joseph and Joey on the living room couch, Joe is on the floor struggling/crawling to reach for a glass of water on the coffee table.

JOE: Man, I’m so tired.

JOSEPH: Dude, what’s wrong with you?

JOEY: Seriously, dude. Why’re you on the floor. That’s dirty.

JOE: I stayed up without sleep for ten days playing Plants vs. Zombies.

JOEY: Okay. You have a problem.

JOSEPH: I feel sorry for you.

JOE: I just couldn’t stop. The zombies. They’re coming after me. For my brains… Need to plant more…

Joe begins to sing “There’s a zombie on your lawn…”

JOE: …I used to play football…there’s butter on my head…

Joey and Joseph begin speak amongst themselves.

JOEY: I think he needs help. Maybe we should take his computer away.

JOSEPH: I don’t think that’ll work. He’ll probably just start playing on his DS.

Meanwhile, Joe has fallen unconscious.



Okay. So… Maybe dying from exhaustion wouldn’t look like that. And in the midst of writing that stupid script (believe me, it’s as inane as things can get) I found out via Google that yes, indeed, one may die from exhaustion.

I apologize for the idiocy of this post.

And you should play Plants vs. Zombies. Please enjoy the music video that accompanies the game below.


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