We’re Facebook Official

We’re Facebook official. “We?” you wonder. Yes. I’m referring to myself and this humble blog.

Sometime around yesterday afternoon I mustered enough courage to acknowledge on Facebook that yes, this is my website and am thereby taking the responsibility for all the nonsense posted here. I think the analogy (at least for me) can be as nerve wracking as when one makes a relationship public on Facebook (horror of horrors!), but I really wouldn’t know, seeing as how I’ve never actually done that before (nor am ever I planning to).

I’m not sure how this will change things.

Well, let me correct myself. One thing for sure has changed. My readership has increased substantially. I went from one page view the day before yesterday to forty-four yesterday. That’s a 440% increase!!!! I think. My math isn’t so good, so correct me if I’m wrong. Along with that is that I no longer know who is reading my thoughts and picking at my brains. And you’re all probably judging me. ::shudders and looks paranoiac-ly* from side to side::

Another thing is that people can now trace me to this blog. I know that I’m so well disguised in my picture that anyone coming across this page randomly would never know my real identity. And now they will. Sigh.

As to the content of my blog, it probably won’t change much. I have nothing to hide. If you’ve seen my Facebook statuses, they’re probably just as random as these entries below.

I’d like to make one thing clear, though. Please, please, please don’t accost me at some public venue while I’m in the middle of a conversation with someone and squeal loudly, “OH EM GEE!!!! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO WROTE ABOUT THE ZOMBIE BUNNIES, RIGHT?!?!!?!?” Secretly inside I will want to drop kick your head and punch your guts out, but because I’m such a gentle human being (not), I will just cringe, perhaps turn a few shades of pink, and shamefully nod my head. So don’t do it. You can, however, pull me to the side and tell me how hilarious you think I am and how you are my fan. Maybe I can develop my own fan club. Or not.

Thank you for your cooperation.

*Paranoiac is the adjective form of paranoia. I’m making it an adverb.

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